Can I pray or have an altar to Lord Shiva/Rudra if I am not a full Hindu

I’ve thought about this for a very very long time now. Vedic thought has long inspired me in various ways, and I understand the esotericism and symbolism quite well and have even considered getting a Lingam for an altar, but when it comes to practice I am perplexed. May people share their own experience then?

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Yes you can work with them if you are not full Hindi.

I do yoga tho I haven’t done ceremonial work with them. Chant the mantra associated with the entity tho


@sc4r No reason you can’t have an alter to Hindu deities. I do, and the deities font seem to mind that I’m not born Hindu.

There is one thing to. note though…

I’ve read you shouldn’t have an alter to one of the violent or warlike avatars of a deity inside your home (they mentioned Rudra when saying that as an example) but said outside the home is ok. They also say it’s better if the deity idol is in a seated pose not standing and avoid war like poses like pulling on a bow ready to shot an arrow.

That said, go ahead and have an alter, as I said the deities haven’t minded me having one.

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However, look into having a Lingam at home. Maybe Google that.

Keep in mind though. When you worship or have an altar to Hindu dieties, if it’s RHP (Sattvic) then certain “rules” must be followed and adhered to.


You can but from my experience, Rudras energy brings about massive change so be aware of that. Shiva is a lot calmer.


You don’t need to be Hindu to work with Hindu Pantheon. If they want to work with you, they will work with you, and greatly improve your life. They don’t object to people seeking them out either. I just recently learned of multiple practioners of hoodoo and santeria who have incorporated the whole pantheon into there system or workings. There’s a whole line of products for working with them through those systems.

I can’t confirm it but I suspect it’s the same way with other pantheons as well. It’s only people who apply limitations and rules about who they will work with or why.

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