Can I listen to subliminals when opening my 3rd eye

So i found some really good Subliminals that i liked.
And i was wondering if i can listen to subliminals when i am opening my 3rd eye.
Or is it bad to listen to subliminals when opening my 3rd eye ?
Pls answer.

3rd eye isn’t closed and subliminals while Can kinda be helpful wont do the work if excercising your senses for you. The third eye is only “closed” if sealed, it can be stagnant or under active. Stagnant requires grounding and under active just requires working your clairs.

What do you mean by that?

Yeah but the third eye does get calcified by flouride
And what i mean by opening the 3rd eye is that
Im decalcifying it. As in healing it so i can get my sixth sense

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You dont have to ‘decalcify’ it to gain benefits from working with the energy center. As long as you are consistent and sincere in your efforts and energy work, things usually open naturally, from my experience.

Subliminal are great tools, and can help you get in the right state of mind for such work, and they are good for really ‘feeling the difference’ between different types of conscious states and frequencies (alpha, beta, gamma, etc). They are a good help for exploring different awarenesses, and you can use them as training wheels. Thats the best part of them. With that experience, you can more easily induce a trance-state or whatever state you are working with, naturally just by getting in the zone without the music.

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Fixed it, was a typo while at work.

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I don’t really follow that physical third eye stuff, it doesn’t really affect psychic senses at least for me. Most new-age articles talk about decalcifying it by changing up your diet, eating healthy and whatnot. I eat what I desire, do what I desire, and it doesn’t hinder my practice with my psychic senses/3rd eye/chakras.

All you need is consistency to practice and working on the self be it emotional awareness, mental awareness, and psychic awareness.


subliminals… I wouldn’t say that they hurt anythig. I would opt for Bi-neural tones instead.