Can i just do drugs instead of meditating to communicate with spirit?

cause it’s much easier and faster to calm myself and feel the surroundings… I don’t intend to offend everybody here… i’m just curious

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Not a good idea imo, because the results that drugs could bring in terms of calming your mind would only be temporary. As soon as the effect wears off, you’d be back where you were before. It may be a pain in the butt to actually practice meditation (although it’s entirely a matter of attitude imo), but you’ll have much more beneficial, long-term results. Also, there might be a danger of inviting not-so welcome entities when you’re on drugs, because while your mind may be calmer, your guard may also be down. A good way to prepare for communication with spirits is to practice meditation over a certain period of time and start with stuff you find easily accessible, like a candle or something. Candle meditation helped me a lot when I struggled with quieting my mind, too. From there, deeper states of meditation and eventually trance developed gradually and naturally. That’s what worked for me, might not be your thing, but I would definitely suggest working on that first even if you’d rather skip this step and take the easy route. It’s worth it in the end.


I’m not judging, but it really isn’t a good idea to be under the influence of drugs while doing anything occult oriented unless youre a shaman. The reason is, the less you are in control of your mind, the more they can be. It can open you up to all sorts of unwanted things. You’re not as aware and therefore things can happen that you may not notice. Understand that they are aware if we’re under the influence of anything, and the occult can be dangerous for a sober practitioner. It’s best to keep your wits about you.


Sure, you can do drugs instead of meditating. They can open the door.

However, eventually, it becomes a crutch to the point where you will not be able to communicate without the drugs.

Shamans traditionally only used drugs in a scared ritual context, and they were trained how to mediate the effect. If you are a recreational user, you generally won’t have that same attitude toward the drug, nor will you have the control necessary to deal with parasites or malevolent spirits (people do drugs to get high so control is the last thing they want, hence the myriad stories of bad trips) and so the drugs will do more harm to your ability to communicate than good.


Could you function under the influence? I think side effect would affect you in so other many ways being under influence that you might not want. You want real skills, not rely on by chance situation of using drugs.

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Yes. Weed , lsd mushrooms. But the problem is that You Will not have the Focus on the Spirit communication. Your mind Will be so confused that It Will be unworthy, thats the reason for meditation, discipline And trataka exercises

I use entheogenic herbs and flying ointments for consciousness expansion, astral travel, and spirit communication. They work really well for this type of thing. I would think that other things like weed, lsd, or mushrooms might make things less clear and harder to remember. I have no problem with recalling details afterwards.


Mushrooms… hell yeah! Works for me in a very low moderate dose. (Micro-dosing)
Also, try chanting words of power to help induce a trance-like state. 🖒


Fly Agaric would be good for that too.


Try the experiment for yourself and see what happens

Drugs are great if you want an intoxicated journey within your own fucked up psyche.
Been there! Done that!



Drugs are helpful to a degree but at the same time unreliable. What you experience could be your imagination being enhanced by the drugs, so distinguishing a legit experience from your mind playing with you can become a bit harder.

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Ok, so if used in the proper dosage and used with great care you can use them to help navigate the spirit realm. There are times in which an emergency may arise and you need to converse with a spirit, entity, and or a patron demon or whatever you may work with regularly that time is of the essence and in times such as these it makes it easier to get the information and or answer you require in as little time as possible without all of the preparation meditation requires at times.

If that is your interest, investigate X plant / root, and try to find its effects, secondary and chemical consequences if you are skilled in it, the idea is to investigate and see if you can form an idea of the substance, to contact its elemental and work / ask for help to move forward; a minimum amount, accompanied by someone you trust who can assist you either to take you to a hospital in case you need it, to take notes; But remember, small doses from natural sources, not drugs like pills at all.

If someone asks me, I would only do it if I were with a tribe shaman, no other way.

Lol nah. Bad strategy

Last thing you want is to be paranoid during an Evocation.


You can do whatever it is you please when it comes to occult pratice.

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i sometimes use drugs to communicate with spirits cause it makes it much easier but i also meditate daily

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and also be careful not to take too much, i took way to much weed today with the intention of doing magick but instead i tripped so hard it was like LSD

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