Can I get some help regarding Dantalion & love spells?

First and foremost I feel like I should introduce myself somehow to you people cause I’ve been reading a bit on this forum and y’all seem like really nice, open and supportive people.
I’ve been interested in the occult since I found out such a thing exists, I think the old Scooby Doo episodes I watched as a kid sparked my interest in such things, but I digress, so Imma get to the point.
My girl wants a break up, I don’t, but either way I would ve let go if it didn’t feel so much like a mistake. I don’t wanna be perceived as a dramaqueen (even though I might be) but it’s not the heartbreak for which I wanna do this but the immense potential we have. After reading up a bit on Goetia spirits and how they may be of help, I was drawn to Dantalion and feel weirdly confident on how things are gonna unfold if I ask him to help me. So, I would be very grateful if I can receive some guidance from you guys as I never did this before.
First of all, how should I contact Dantalion? Is there a ritual, a certain hour when I have better chances, should I be in pitch darkness, should I listen to his enn while doing it? The more info the better, I really am a fast learner.
Secondly, what should I offer him? I know about the tea, chocolate, roses, strawberries, wine and so on but I’ve seen that people offer him “shout outs”, like trying to make people more aware of his work.
Thirdly, is there a way to know if he s happy with the way I approach him / with what I’m offering him except gut feeling?
And lastly, if I feel like nothing has changed, what should I do? I don’t wanna be annoying and anger any spirit cause I have great respect for such beings, but how should I deal with it if nothing really happens? Should I try it again?
Hope y’all didn’t facepalm too hard but I really am looking forward to your answers.

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Please try using the search function in the upper right. There are many threads on Dantalion that will provide all the information about him you need.

You are a beginner in magick. Don’t expect anything big. Contrary to Hollywood, spirit phenomena is actually quite rare. Most people don’t get any kind of reaction at all.

You cannot be impatient. Magick rarely happens overnight. You are seeking to manipulate someone’s will. That can take time, depending on the strength of that will so you need to be patient and wait. It could take days, weeks, or even months.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I don’t fool myself, I know right now I have to be patient and I can’t expect to see results right away, that wasn’t the purpose of this post, to get a certain guarantee things will happen as I wish. I was just asking for some guidance because I don’t wanna screw this up and I don’t wanna “play” with it. I researched other related topics on this forum and read about everything I could find about Dantalion, but as most people who got results or “felt” his presence were already well initiated into magick I cannot help but think my experience might be a lot more… I don’t know if underwhelming is the right word but in lack of a better one… I’d appreciate it if you could point me to some books or online sources which could help me have a better understanding on this matter.

Magick can be “underwhelming,” as you put it, especially for beginners. I know my first evocation was. Movies and novels have some people expecting a puff of smoke and a loud roar when a spirit materializes, but that does not happen. Mostly, nothing happens. You open a seal, speak the conjuration and feel…nothing.

However, as long as you go into the ritual understanding that you might not see or hear anything, you’ll do okay. Spirits always come when they are called, regardless of your ability to sense them, so just assume the spirit is there before you.

Think of it like being an actor performing in front of a green screen, where the “demon” will be edited into the scene later. You are “pretending” to conjure a spirit, so you perform the ritual, acting as if the spirit is before you, and then, once you have dismissed it, simply put it out of your mind and get on with your day.

Don’t worry about screwing anything up. Play is part of magick, and you don’t want to be too serious. You are falling into the trap most beginners do, and overthinking things. Magick can be as simple, or as complicated as you want to make it.

Candle colour doesn’t really matter. It is important only if it is a major component within the system you are working within.

What I mean is, if the working system you are using for evocation (take for example, the Golden Dawn system) says the colour of the candle is important, then it is, but only within that specific way of doing things.

The same thing goes for using the demonic enns. They come from the religious practice of demonolatry, and are seen as very important when invoking the demons. However, they are not necessary unless you are working within a demonolatry system.

Personally, I don’t like them so I don’t use them.

The same goes for offerings. It’s a religious practice, and isn’t strictly necessary.

All you really need is an altered state of consciousness, and the spirit’s seal. That’s really all that is required. If you don’t know how to open a seal, this describes the technique:


Thanks a lot for your input, this is really helpful and makes things way clearer. I’m gonna look up these systems you talk about because I didn’t stumble across anything related to them yet so these are new to me. I’m really grateful you took the time to explain all this to me, I am kinda anxious about it


You’re welcome.

What I mean by “system,” is the method used to evoke the spirit. Some examples would be the Golden Dawn, the Solomon tradition, Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery, Voudon, and the system of EA Koetting.

They all evoke spirits differently, but the underlying principles are the same.

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