Can I get some help in the chaos magic I created an artificial spirit

I created an artificial spirit and manipulates the subconscious mind I created an artificial spirit and it manipulates to subconscious mind it does other things but it dreams and other things if I created it the speed up my subliminal

I called it batsub its name now someone could evoke it and use it


I change the name so I wouldn’t be attacked or hurt

With all due respect, it/ they is/ are your thought form(s). You, the creator, must remember that you are just that – the CREATOR. Your divine self is just as capable of destroying it/ them. (Or modifying its behaviour… think of it/ them as a child/ children, and yourself as the parent – literally, who gave life to them.)

If you choose, however, to further ‘investigate’ (i.e., see where ‘it’ all goes), then I suggest you do give it / them a coherent name — coherent, meaningful to you. And, if you wish others to ‘work’ with it/ them, then something decently coherent would be most helpful.

Go well in your journey, and in all things Be Well!


Not in all cases. Naughty Kids like to rebel. Satanic kids are the most notorious for this.