Can I evoke myself? Like evoke my soul/higher self/etc?

I want to do this to find out some things, like my soul make up, and other questions I have. Plus get a feel for my energy.

I was thinking to make a sigil for my soul/higher self or use a picture of me? As well as use things that have personal meaning/represent me, to better connect to my own energy.

Would I need to leave an offering though? I mean it’s gonna be me I’m evoking if it works…

If you have a higher self yes you can, if not you’d evoke your true self the projection room form of your soul’s true self.

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True self? I did hear that not everybody has a higher self…

So the true self is my soul then I’d be evoking? Well then what’s the point of a higher self… I actually thought about if I “did” have one…I might want to split/seperate from it…

The higher self is often viewed as the bulk of a person while they are a small reincarnated form of it. The true self in terms of how I see it and experienced it is the whole of yourself reincarnated. Your soul taking on the life that strongly imprinted on it making that aspect your true self and what you’d look like in spiritual projections.

Multiple people can be a fragment of the same higher self in some cases. While only one can be their true self.


Hmm so just in terms of how much of a soul/energy is incarnated then?

If I’m a fragment, then I’m definitely splitting off from any “higher self”. I’ll have to find out.

Right but wouldn’t my true self reflect what type of soul I have and not my most imprinted lifetime? Like if that became this lifetime, why would the projection LOOK human if say my soul energy/make up wasn’t?

Although maybe that doesn’t matter. I guess a projection can look anyway as it’s just a projection (similar to astral/mental) but the energy itself can be different then the represented projection.

A fragment usually becomes its own being over the course or the lives and experiences they have gained since then unless there’s a purpose for them staying tied to that higher self.

The type of soul someone has is based on which life strongly imprinted on it.

For example someone lived a Fae life, a human life, a life as a Djinn even, but their human life is what strongly affected them the most therefore that life would be their true self because it was such a strong impression left over that the soul aligns more to that life.

Etheric/spiritual projection cannot look any way or wants it will always look and reflect what the soul is. Astral however, as a mental plane it will reflect however way you want it.


Then what impact does something like a soul transmutation have if it’s the life that impacts what type of soul someone has?

Seeing as that is a goal of mine, and I’ve read of others wanting to become something like a demon, angel etc. If what you are is what you align with, hmmm…I’m human but I don’t align with that or least don’t feel like I do. Although I accept that as a reality of this lifetime. I’m guessing things like trauma can also leave an impression, if the lifetime was traumatic I mean.

So I’m trying to understand what the point of going through a soul transmutation is if your soul type could technically change anyway if you choose to live as say a demon in your next lifetime, and that impacts you enough to become your “true self”.

A soul transmutation changes the soul’s true self, for example Inari can change the soul of someone into a kitsune/Nogitsune, Odin can do so into a Valkyrie, Lucifer into one of the many types of Infernal demons. What your soul is prior doesn’t matter, only case it does is if the transmutation doesn’t hold in which case it means you’re meant to be what you already are, if it doesn’t revert then it means your soul has that freedom to be something other than what it was prior.

A lot of the infernal demons were once humans who joined the infernal (not the goetia but a lot of their legions) same with some angels and some fae.


Okay, that makes alot more sense to me.

So I’ll be good for a soul transmutation unless my alignment with my true self doesn’t allow it?

Pretty much, unless you’re meant to be what you currently are it wont work, and you’ll know if it doesn’t same with the one who does it.

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So a soul transmutation can “change” your true self without you having to have already lived a life as say a demon/etc to imprint on your soul? Kinda like a quick way to change your soul without having to have had an impressionable lifetime as one.

Why so people want one if they can just choose to incarnate as a demon after this lifetime or whatever? How does that benefit someone in this lifetime?

*Read your previous post after I replied.

Just trying to understand why someone would want their soul to change in this lifetime, maybe because even if you incarnate as a demon next it might not be enough to affect your true self?


What would cause a true self to be what your MEANT to be vs free will to change ones soul type.

Some call it “ascension” because they feel becoming something other than human in soul is such, but honestly it’s not but one could call it that, ascension without all the over fantasized bits.

the benefits are different per individual, my friend who got a transmutation from Inari did it so he could have a community to be apart of when he projects, work his way through her tribe of kitsune’s ranks and such.

The etheric/Spiritual isn’t all love and light, it’s a harsh place and some people want to have somewhere to go when they pass on and not want to reincarnate. Others want to build long existing bonds in this life that last until this life is over.

Reincarnating into a say a demon after this life is very probable but it’s not the same as building long lasting bonds from this life and on, you’d have to literally wait til this life is over, die, reincarnate into a hopefully not shitty demon life, grow up, make bonds, which is a longer task? start now or wait however many years til you die and start in the next life?

I tested out the concept of the soul being what it’s meant to be or not, by that I went through a transmutation once before to a shadow being with the help of Nyx, however it did go through but after a while my soul started to slowly revert back to what my soul is.

I don’t have a strong purpose here but it reverted back because I came here out of curiosity to see and learn some things about this place which may or may not be able to apply to my spiritual life (which in projection it actually has)

So a soul transmutation can be like prepatory for a next lifetime and other reasons like someone’s perception of what ascension means to them.

This is definitely helpful. I agree better to start early then late (early bird gets the worm).

Indirectly yes it can be preparatory for their afterlife (i.e them choosing to not reincarnate anymore) and benefit from it in this life, some people don’t like what their soul is and want it to be something else, there’s a plethora of reasons why a person would do so.

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I never believed the stuff about the spiritual plane being all light and love. That to me is mostly new age stuff.

Definitely be good to prepare.

Pretty much yeah, the spiritual is pretty dangerous for someone incapable, but there are many human tribes/communities, but there’s also this large city that was originally all humans until they started to allow other race of beings into it, they’re very capable of defending themselves as a community.

I was going to try and join the infernal empire or something. First get a soul transmutation, then set up an agreement with whoever does the soul transmutation/etc on being able to live there, and try and influence as much as my own personal living circumstances there as possible (not joining any army though).

Try and form relationships to entities that I feel drawn to, work with them, etc. Stuff like that.

Entirely up to you, like any nation the Infernal has laws, ways of becoming a citizen and so forth. In which case you can seek Lucifer’s aid.

Hmm, out of curiosity do incubi/succubi reside in the infernal nation? (I’m thinking about that type of transmutation) – I figured Lilith was the way to go.

Yes, succubus and Incubus are of the Infernal, of course many have moved elsewhere as well.