Can I do this for spell work?

Creating magick: think about what i desire Set the intention and what the desired outcome I want
Meditate to feel good
Write on a piece of paper what it is I want cut myself only to extract blood wipe blood on paper letters Smell the blood then meditate to feel good to clear any negative energies that are draining me stop meditating
Meditate again this time thinking about what it is I want to happen believe it know it will happen then stop meditating.
Extract more blood this time get a cup get blood in the cup fill the cup with water add blood in cup go in the shower nakid dump bloody water on oneself and paper I used to do magick fill tub with water leave paper in tub do something else watch Netflix as a way to let it dissolve without having to get impatient or annoyed come back in 8 hours the paper is dissolved let the water go down drain take shower as a way to know the working is complete
Magical working is completed

How’s that? Can I do something like that?

Have you looked at the “beginner tutorials”?

Yes, that…:point_up:t5: then meditate on what you want one last time and burn the paper outside, as the ashes fly away, send your desire out to the universe and let it go.

That’s one way…


They may give some ideas on how to go about things and what’s worked for other people.