Can i curse someone for petty reasons using angels of wrath?

I was wondering if this can backfire or not as angels not liking someone trying to curse someone for petty reasons.
I also saw one post that angels will deliver justice and only fuck up those who deserve and not those who dont deserve it
Is it true?
I was thinking to layer the main curse by cursing someone close to the target too so those two curses match up and fuck the main one more

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The author does not say you cannot perform the magick for petty reasons. He only says you must have a sincere intention for justice. If you believe you are in the right, then that is all you really need.

The angels won’t turn on you so there is no fear of backlash. If they deem your request unworthy, at worst, all that will happen is the magick will fail. Just don’t feel guilty about striking out and you will be fine.


Like I told you on reddit, just have sincere intentions when working with angels. Also don’t believe in karma and you’re good to go, it won’t affect you.

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