Can i communicate with spirits without speaking to them outloud?

Me too, please!^^

If you’re spiritually sensitive enough they will talk to you in your head and you can too … So you can communicate with them phycically…
Now I know where you come from since I live with 3 religious people … To be honest … I ignore them … But I don’t suggest just shutting them out.
Another way for communication is a Ouija board (this one I have done personally) I would say to play some calming music so that a way no one will hear you asking questions to the board …
I hope this helps , Continue doing what you are doing :smile: You’ll get better , :smile:

Greetings Can you send me the tutorial please to learn how to listen to spirits

Hey I was wondering if you had the link for the Core Shamanism Tutorial. Thanks Sammy :upside_down_face:

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I’ve found that it’s the intent of communicating that allows it. I usually carry around the sigils of the spirits I commune with daily or draw them when needed and speak with them that way. You just need to put forth energy and then talk (inside your head even), say mantras under your breath, anything that opens that state of mind.

Happy travels :smile_cat:

hi, Can you send it to me too ? thanks.