Can i communicate the Turkic gods?

As a Turkish person, i’m very interest about my ancestors gods. Turkic-Mongol mythology is mysterious and sources are very limited. Anyone know how i summon this gods? for example, Erlik Khan god of darkness, destruction, and underworld. I found a shamanistic prayer for Erlik Khan. But i dont have a sigil and symbol or anything. Dou you have any idea on this? veya forumda Türk kardeşlerim var mı? :smiley: thanks for your attention.


Start with daily praying to him or chanting his name and ask for his sigil or other ways to communicate with his. He/she will show you the way, for sure. That’s how most magician gets sigils!


Hi, Im new in Turkic Magick, and I am also Turkish. Site yönetimine sıkıntı olmaması için İngilizce yazdım. We can work together