Can i change?

I met Lucifer and Jesus since i am 6. however i grew up with Jesus and more starting 3 to 4 years ago. So i know what the bible says about demon and stuff. which i cant say if its real or not…

i kind of need Lucifer’s guide on life cause life or “me” keeps messing up. Sadly i have been rebuking Satan (when i am with Jesus) and i kind of think he hates me a lot.

do i just call him out or…better not? I did ask Lucifer for forgiveness and so on and i do “feel” him? not sure about that but i really do not want to see the angry version of Lucifer.

“Jesus” does not hear nor answer. For me he never did. On the other hand, demons never let me down. Your choice :slight_smile:


So touching, but I concur.