Can I call upon/evoke the spirits in my mind's eye or do I have to do rituals in this physical world?

Hello all,

I’m in a situation where help from entities would be highly appreciated, except that in the circumstances in which I live, I am unable to light candleflames or incense. I am wondering if in my circumstance where it is hard for me to travel, and with these restrictions, where I can call upon entities such as King Paimon or Luciver in my mind, and then tell them my situation, and ask them for help? Could this work for them to work on my requests if everything is done via vizualization?

I have also visualized their sigils in my mind if that helps at all.

Read this thread.

Evocation can be done entirely mentally given that you develop the intuition through it. Just start calling the entities mentally and develop trance at first. When you made the connection mentally and energetically, you should be able to task it.

Don’t forget to dismiss the entity if you feel the need to.


This is literally the technique of pathworking. I recommend Corwin Hargrove’s book Goetia Pathworking or Theodore Rose’s Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.


What you look for is invocation.

Evocation is actually manifesting the entity on the closest plane to ours.

Both ways are valid and give results. The only difference is the kinetic experience : the evocation willl bring the entity on the etheric plane, so it will be more dense and tangible.

Invocation (pathworking, mind ritual etc.) will connect you to the entity but the experience will be limited and you will bring more “personnal bias” to it since it will be mental/astral.

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