Can i ask lucifuge for anything before i make a pact with him

Sorry I would like to know can I call lucifuge and ask him for anything and ask him. To choose something he wants me to do in return even before making a pact with him please help me to know if that is possible

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It is…let me tell you a story…I was low on money recently and pregnant few months ago right so I pretty much was debating on who to call for help…I kept seeing rofcales name every where so my spiritual partner basically told me/demanded to call lucifuge rofcale and gave me a short time frame like an hour and thirty minutes short.
So instead of calling I wrote a letter and burned it and right when I burnt it she showed up…the candles look like they were going to blow out on its own the paper that I burnt went from small flame to large flame the air around me turned extremely cool and pretty much every animal in the general area started making noise.
We talked and she accepted me with not much in return if I can recall.
My issue I was having is that I didn’t have the money to buy more stuff for when the baby came…and let me tell you when asking for stuff it’s like anything goes…I didn’t need much but in the end my daughter has a hell of alot of clothes three bouncers a crib well two cribs a swing tun and tons of blankets diapers and shoes a mobile… everything a baby would need and then some…and it hasn’t stopped yet…when working with her know she will provide what you need to an extensive amount and know she is kind and loving to to answer your question yeah you actually can and she will make it happen as long as you treat her in a kind way I don’t think I could thank her enough you know…


That’s wonderful can you please give me more details how did you do it .

I would like to it even now

I just wrote her a letter of intent stating why I needed her help what she would get in return and basically goofed around about other things… I burnt it out side with lite candles and incense and she came while it was burning talked and she accepted this is a basic way of contacting them but they get the letters right away