Can I ask a spirit to help me die?

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Please don’t do this. I would urge you to find spiritual means to make your life great. Do not give up! There are so many avenues to triumph. You don’t need to feel discouraged.


Ah, I can send help for a metaphorical “death” of those hard times you’re experiencing but you have to open your soul to these energies. Just be ready to catch hella good vibes. As for actually dying, it’s not your time and you know it.

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Thanks for ur concerns. I’m not discouraged I know that I can’t help myself and what is done can’t be fixed. I don’t want to commit suicide coz I know my soul will suffer so if some entity can help me to exit in a natural way or to make the events in way that someone kills me or something.

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My situation is deep. My whole soul is messed up from visualizations that I’ve done and my aura and energy field is totaly upside down If I can say it this way. I had really strong positive aura but I had problem with negative entity and wasn’t educated enough to know how to clear it and I made mistake probably manipulated by the problem and I cut soul ties with my family and I lost a part of my soul and I know that wasn’t the way it was supposed to be but my whole energy is really negative now and people around me are not feeling well. It’s weird like I didn’t pass the test that I faced. If I had passed it I would be Jesus right now as funny it might sound :smiley: . But I messed up and I’m living in hell so I need a restart.

Detail the situation for me? Specifically what you did and what’s involved?

So you were cord cutting? What attachments did you cut?

Well its weird coz this vizualization was different from the others where u cut a particular string and I feel like this guy is misleading people. this is the technique the video is long so u can skip it to the part where it is for cutting with parents.

As someone who has been suicidal, I suggest that you take a look at this.


Hey someone just did something and I felt it. Something good I felt better. Whoever was it thank u very much and god bless u. If u can contact me i’ll be very greatful.


Well for starters he is right we all have relationships that do that to us.

So really all I need to know is why you cut the relationship + why you think its affecting you negatively? Generally with cord cutters just heal your aura if you notice damage.

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Also the visual. The rest I dont need.

Well I did it because I had spirit attachment and I didn’t know how to remove it from me. My father told me to go to the church so they can read me specific prayer for this stuff but I didn’t think this would’ve helped me and by the time something was whispering me to cut eventhough when I asked my angel she gave me a sign not to do it. But I was fighting with this thing for a long time and In desperating I did the wrong thing.

The problem now is that I asked my father to do it aswell and it made it worse for me.

And then I asked him to do other vizualizations in order to fix it. But everytime he did something it made it worse. Also I asked my angels and guides couple of times to tell my dad how to fix it but after they guide him to do something again felt worse. Right now I feel like the situation is very complicated on soul/spiritual/energy level.

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Have you tried an uncrossing?

Never heard of it

It’s a way to get rid of bad energy and replace it with good energy, the baths involve herbs and it wont happen over night.

I’ve tried similar stuff but It won’t work in this case I think because that’s on soul level between relatives and its deeper. I might be wrong I’m spiritual but I don’t have experience with magick.

It takes lots of attempts, it isnt a quick fix but it allows you to get more grounded. (I had to overcome a powerful hex recently and my hair just stopped falling out).

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