Can human souls become demons or demonic in nature/appearance?

They don’t, that’s something else entirely. Shadow people don’t require food. Shadow people are very curious entities.

Okay, I understand. Thanks.

No problem though sometimes their presence can be a bit much on emotions. Nyx dark energy sometimes has this adverse affect on emotions if the person is in a mindset where they’re currently not strong enough. So her shadow people also tend to have that same vibe.

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People can have human, demon, fae, yokai, angel, god, elemental, kitsune etc souls, and incarnate on this earth to have a human experience. Some incarnate out of curiosity, punishment, to learn lessons, others go into hiding etc, there are a bunch of different reasons for non human souls to incarnate on earth and have the human experience.

If you want to learn more about your soul, I’d say going to the scanning thread we have here is a good place to start.


Okay, thank you for your help.


Here our scan trade thread for your true self, higher self, god self.

Is Nyx a demon?

No Nyx is a Primordial Goddess, she created her own kind of shadow people, among other races like dark dragons and so forth.

Is there any type of source of information that would say about different types of beings so I can do research? Something similar to a encyclopedia but online if that makes sense?

There’s a lot of limited sources but depending on the culture you can find a few things. shinto creatures. greek gods and creatures

I am not sure on other resources.

Great, thank you.

Some witches after their death can become a powerful Ascension spirit even a demon but the prophane not even if they were serial killers, rich people who tortured their workers or presidents who made million of people miserable or whatever.

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This site has lots of info that you might be looking for :slight_smile:

In my experience yes, if they spend too long on lower planes without ascending they become demon like. Not really powerful like demons though. But nasty creatures that can feed on your energy and will try and possibly try and hurt you.


That seems more of a religious ideology, lower planes aren’t “bad” or make you a demon lol. Lower planes are just planes where the density is less loose. Astral density is pretty loose to non existent so in that ideology the astral is a “higher plane” which has many parasites and nasty thoughtforms. So that kinda defeats the concept of lower=nasties or lower=become nasty demon.


I think they mean higher vibration of energy.

like this chart

a higher frequency is better than a lower.


Yeah and higher usually equates to “love, light, goodness, good creatures” and low to the opposite. However, even by that understanding that wouldn’t make you a demon or change what you are nor beings like that.

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If you mean the gargoyle type of Demons, they could also be the messenger Demons for protection of souls to not be abducted by others. The soul is like water and takes on the shape/appearance of the body it has lived in. Demons are not evil

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Does that make it a servitor? Some beings people mention are similar in nature to a shadow person that either looks like someone they know, or it is a faceless being that emanates dark energy (a dark aura) of lower vibrational energy. There was a paranormal story I heard, about some type of being or entity that made a kitten ill and drained it’s life so it died. How is that possible? Is there a reason people or animals are suspetible to possession?

Anything is susceptible to possession even inanimate objects, just not as useful.