Can help if any of you have a question about Hebrew texts

As a native Hebrew speaker, I find myself able to solve a lot of different issues some of you face on regular basis. Like questions about pronunciation or meaning of words, I am pretty much new and inexperienced enough in magick but my mother tongue is Hebrew and I probably can offer some help in that manner…
Books like NAP are so bad with explaining pronunciation and I read some chants I learned there for weeks before I understood it was in Hebrew…
Anyway, you’re more than welcome to ask anything if you want(:slight_smile:


I’m interested in learning more about the Hebrew language, is it best to go to someone who speaks it or can one learn through an app?

If an app works, what is the best app?

The OP hasn’t posted for over six months, but I think @Dralukmun can also help. He’s been working with some Hebrew texts.

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Well, I’m using Duolingo to study other languages, honestly I have no idea how is their Hebrew course

I would suggest starting with learning the Letters & Nikud so you could read text properly

Then try focusing on the purpose you study for, if it’s for magick I don’t think you’ll find much help in modern spoken Hebrew…

If you have any follow up questions feel free to ask(:smile:

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