Can having sexual relations with a servitor open astral senses like working with a succubus?

Please forgive me if I’ve asked this before, but I want to ask this because a lot of users have have stated that upon forming relationships with succubi, the consequence of succubi having sex with them is that it helps open their astral senses, so would the same principle apply with a sexual servitor, or is having sex with a servitor basically the same as having sex with a succubus, or since succubus are their own beings and are most likely more powerful than ones sexual servitor, relations with them have more sense-opening potential than with a servitor?


A succubus would be more powerful than a servitor and would have abilities you may not have included in your creation.

If you created your servitor just for sex, then she would not have the ability to augment your astral senses in any way other than what you programmed her for.

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If you feed a servitor. Your getting back what energy you put into it, Basically recycling energy so there is no gains. However a succubus whom which would draw power from Queen Lilith would be more like charging the battery to full.

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Only if they’re programmed for such actions.