Can fasting help with spiritual endeavours?

I was thinking of fasting to help me with my spiritual endeavours

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It can potentially increase your energy levels but just be careful on how many days in a row and consider your environment on when to fast.

many religious faiths use fasting in their spiritual growth so yes.

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Robert Bruce recommends water fasting for three days before raising kundalini. Partly because having food in the digestive can block energy, partly because raising kundalini can cause acute diarrhea.
I find fasting clears the communication lines, so to speak. If you really need the highest communication you can get for a working, fasting is helpful for that, as well as being in the deepest trance state without falling asleep as possible.

I accidentally fasted today and it feels like the spellwork I’ve done has been effective. The day started with emotional turmoil but between my workings I feel calm and a sense of “things will be okay” so…yes?

Fasting can help, it is great. Fasting is good for mundane health reasons or for spiritual work. Just be mindful and careful to not fetishize the practice, and remember that fasting is a means to an end and not the end itself.

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