Can Duke Sallos and Prince Sitri work together?

Several months ago I had large sucess with Duke Sallos and recently a week and a half ago with Prince Sitri and as the title says, can they work together? I know that Duke Sallos brings true love and Prince Sitri is for lust and that is not recommended to have two spirits doing things for you at the same time due to the chaos it may cause, so yeah, can they perhaps work together?

Lordy, I must be in real trouble then. I’ve tried to get Sitri, Sallos, Vual (Uval), Zepar, Asmodeus, Lilith, Samael, Lucifer, and Leviathan together with maybe some others. But that was a bit ago. ATM, I’m breaking from spirits and doing a fasting meditation. Two is probably easier than a lot. I think my efforts were a bit of a mess though and not well thought out. It was entirely a lust working for pleasure than anything else. I wasn’t even trying to net a companion but just bring out the most absolute lust I could. I didn’t know of the 3 other sisters to Lilith at the time nor a few other spirits. Best of skill to you (as I think saying best of luck is a disrespect) and your efforts.


Wow, you really did something unbelieveable here, 9 demons all doing their work. I seriously cant believe it, you madman, it must’ve been super chaotic. Also thank you for the words of encouragement, I appreciate them!

Sitri is one of those demons who aren’t exactly a demon but the Egyptian God Set. The goetia tag is just in my opinion atleast what LHP people gave him but he’ll still use it for their situation. He tends to work fine with the demons within the goetia however.

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U go man!!! do them all. one of the demons might hit the bullseye. =o) Aim for the stars to reach the sky. Not aim for the sky to reach the ground. haha. It’s ok. if your focus, you can cast them spells back to back. compartmentalization skills.

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Thank you for the insight, Im not that well educated about the other selves of entities if I can say it in that way and Sitri being Set is a total wow for me, anyway, thank you for your reply! Knowing that Sitri works well with other Goetia demons is a relief for me.

Well, I can’t say they all did anything tbh. I have terrible senses. I will say though I became overly horny and open to a lot of shit. Who knows.

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I combine entities in what I call ‘councils’ for group workings frequently. I don’t know why that should be chaotic? It allows the combination of energies to effect the best result. I call that teamwork.


Hello and thank you for replying! How do you exactly do group workings? Do you first summon one entity with a sigil and after it another one?

Yes, exactly. Summon in any order. I ask the questions of each individual, although it’s in the same ritual.

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I have been reading barbatos not get along whit most of the goetia, plus another 2,guys,historia? A guy sumon lust a girl. He was warning no to use barbatos, and boom never listen, and hes on big troble in jail, back in 2014,so its a guy to never use along others in sex, if i recall i tnk was sallos again. And anither male goetia, but cnt remember,

In case of lust lucifer belzebuth, astarot, all together is best option

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