Can deprivation of sleep help with communication with spirits?

I have a problem with my astral senses so instead of using drugs I think that deprivation of sleep can help with recognizing spirit voice in my mind


Actually yes I’ve found. I’ll explain why some. I think that it’s easier to communicate with Spirits when were tired or fatigued because we’re not analyzing and filtering messages as we normally do in full waking consciousness. Like we’re not fighting to hear, were just allowing hearing to take place.

So yes I think that it is easier to hear spirits when were tired sometimes.


Or you could do the inner work and improv your connection with your subconscious long term and permanently.

There’s no shortcuts here. Do the work.

Caveat: getting dog tired and having hallucinations count as the work. Not the healthiest way to do it, but every little helps. Carry on.


Yes, sleep deprivation is a traditional method for getting into an altered state for magick, particularly for evocation and scrying. Shoot for 3-4 days.

Asphyxiation is another method that was used in ancient times, especially for oracles (natural volcanic gasses were often used, and temples were sometimes built over vents). There is an old depiction I remember from some grimoire of a seer scrying into a crystal while gas or incense floated in their face, and an assistant flagellated them with willow rods.

We have it so much easier these days lol


It works well if its some kind of “sacrifice”! Here you are sacrificing your sleep! You can add a fasting too!
I find less sleep and less food triggers altered states!

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Indeed sleep deprivation is an awesome tool but do consult a doctor if you decide for it

Sleep deprivation could help, but I find it unreliable. When you’re tired, your mind can play tricks on you and it becomes difficult to focus. Furthermore, it can cause a lapse in judgement.


I’ve read that if u don’t sleep for a few days u go into the theta gamma sync. Haven’t tried it though.

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my most crazy experiences were during the sleep deprivation,in the second day i started to see non stop imagery in my mind and the interactions were happening in a blink of an eye,thied day i was feeling perturbed and small act of close the eyes was enough to start somekind of interaction (felt like i was more opened to the interactions but at the sametime losing control of the tought due to the high number of imagery that was repeating in my head like the head was being plugged into a pen drive full of imagery,signs,different patterns of colors,explosion of colors and last but not least,the total manifestation followed by sigils being writed in the air like it was being writed in a computer,totally perfect,the curves,colors…after the third day i was already super tired at morning than i end up losing my class and sleeping until the next day…the sensation of wake up later was a relief but at the sametime i could feel that the things were in a different pattern already…i dont know,i think the deprivation has lead me to a different state of mind and lead me to be more opened and fully conected…
as i was experimenting things,i spent a period without eat meat too,before i do that…i have no idea if this changed anything but i never felt so conected like that before…
well thats how it happened with me,would like to listen people sharing more experiences.

you can also experience that sensation of * out of reality * it can cause some troubles to deal with people in daily basis,i made it during exams in school and it has lead me to very bad score at the end lol

i dont know how many of you has feeling that sensation of * reset * in mind,but thats exactly how it feels,feels like you are a bank of memory that someone goes and format…it is very intersting but stressing and tiring

english is not my main language so it may have some erros…
its a bit hard to put all the thoughts here when the language is different but overall that’s it

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I often communicate with spirits as I’m dozing off, so I don’t see why intentionally getting yourself tired for this purpose wouldn’t work.

Although, just my input, you may want to find a less harmful alternative. Perhaps some ritual before bed when you’re already a bit tired and not actually sleep deprived?


That’s a great way of putting it. Our brain is trying its hardest to get the body into the sleep cycle but struggling. There’s no way the brain at this point wants us to hear anything we’d think we want to hear but rather start kicking in the sleep stages after sending signals across the body to start shutting down. It’s like the hearing sense is left intact and since the brain is only focusing on one specific task setting of a shut down and sleep your mind is left vulnerable to starting hearing random things you wouldn’t normally hear as the brain isn’t in charge of your hearing anymore (in cases with one of your spirits right along side with you).

It only wants to call it a night and sleep. At this point were just allowing ourselves to hear whatever is around us without us even noticing it in the first place since our sleep is so messed up that we’re caught up in the “in and out” stages of sleep. Right at that moment when you hear any voices, you know your in deep. Again that’s a great way of putting it. It’s a method that does indeed help and works but I wouldn’t use it (personally) as much as my main cause of spiritual connections. After having mixed up sleep and long periods of deprivation after the long run can lead into sleep paralysis which isn’t a fun thing for many. I would rather put in some of my own practice and let time take me on board to better any skills for communication.

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You could also try a meditation practice. That’s what worked for me.

If you want to recognize the difference between random brain-noise and messages from spirits, it makes sense that you would need to become more familiar with what your brain-noise feels like. If you can recognize brain-noise, you should be able to recognize that something else is not just noise.

In magick, just as in all practices, people often tend to try and find the “secret shortcut” or hack to avoid doing the practice and get to some desired result immediately. You may notice that people who try to do this tend not to get very far, whereas those who practice regularly and commit to doing what they need to do to learn and improve and build layers of solid foundations have the potential to do whatever they want with the practice.

I can recognize the difference between random brain-noise and spiritual communication. This requires no effort for me. It’s like riding a bike. It just happens. At first it took some practice, and there were times when I wasn’t sure if something was a spirit giving me a message or just my own ego-mind making stuff up. I kept doing magick, saw what happened, and learned. Now, I don’t need drugs or sleep deprivation or a pendulum or ouija board or anything of the sort to communicate with spirits. The only tool I need is my mind. It took some time, but now I am most certainly pleased that I was patient and persistent, and that I took the path of accepting and delighting in the challenge instead of running away from it.

It is true to an extent that certain methods can act as a crutch and enable you to “achieve” something more quickly, but I prefer methods that are healthy and sustainable and which cultivate abilities that last.


I really don’t know why people get so hung up over using tools to get into the theta-gamma sync…whether it be sleep deprivation or drugs. It was a very common thing in the ancient world to use a concoction of drugs to get people into the desired state (just look at the old practices of the Scythians and Rosicrucians). I dont ascribe any special virtue to taking the long way. Whether you get there one way or another, the result, is the result is the result. That’s all that matters. If it gets you the results, then its legit. I view the method of sleep deprivation in the same way that i view training wheels. Its quite common for children to start off with a crutch to get a feel for the act of bicycling before going it alone. These methods are like training wheels in the sense that you can get into these states quickly, then while achieving these states you communicate with spirits that can help you achieve TGS without the training wheels. Its a perfectly fine and viable pathway.


“Sleep deprivation could help, but I find it unreliable. When you’re tired, your mind can play tricks on you and it becomes difficult to focus. Furthermore, it can cause a lapse in judgement.”


If it’s about astral training/ meditating- w/in 30-45 minutes after just waking up, in the AM. THAT type of “rested” tiredness is extremely conducive to astral traveling.

I’ve found there to be no shortage of spirits available in the morning also. I know most say to operate at night and there is something to be said for it. But I’ve seen some shit at the lake by my house at 6am!

Give it a try in the AM when your rested but not fully awake. Your mind will be like those calm lakes all of the Tibetan Monks and such talk about. Your astral ears will catch everything.

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Yes distort your sensors helps

Can you explain what style of meditation you practiced/would you recommend for this? On the one hand, I think a mantra or breath focused meditation (concentrative meditation) will calm and quiet the mind, while on the other hand, something like Vipassana/observing thoughts would allow one to get to know the mind and thoughts better. I can’t decide between the two types, as in which type would lead to clearer spirit communication.

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I use a meditation method that develops both concentration and insight. I think you are absolutely right that calming and quieting the mind and becoming more familiar with it are both very helpful with spirit communication.

I follow the book The Mind Illuminated. It’s a bit of a read but it’s the best mindfulness meditation guide I’ve come across. I worked up to practicing for 1 hour most every day (maybe miss a day every few weeks or so, not a big deal). It also helps a whole bunch to practice being mindful throughout the day (and at night, if you have a dream practice).

The Buddha himself said that both concentration and wisdom should be cultivated. I know there are methods that only do one or the other, but mindfulness of the sensations of the breath at the tip of the nose does both, at least the TMI way does, so it is a clear choice for me.

I’ll also say that I got into magick after practicing meditation for around six months when I was at around TMI Stage 5-6. Clearing my mind was not a concern, but it still took a few months of practice for me to reliably and consistently receive genuine, direct communication from spirits.

I also did magick to help with my ability to do magick and communicate with spirits, and I definitely recommend doing this with whatever system of magick you are practicing. Demons are sometimes said to be more “talkative” than angels, who are more likely to give you omens in your daily life or messages in dreams, and to an extent I agree with this, but demons have given me many indirect signs and synchronistic moments, and angels have given me messages to write down by hand, so I wouldn’t worry about this much and just see what happens.

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I have that book and it’s definitely the best of its kind. A refreshing break from the usual Buddhist commentaries (I don’t believe there can ever be an accurate direct translation from one language to another). I was doing about twenty minutes twice a day, so I have to build up to an hour. As far as I remember the author of TMI recommends one longer session as being better than two shorter ones.

I am not sure about it… in my experience nothing happenes in this direction when I do not sleep. I do not hear any spirits and on top of it I start do not understand what live humans trying to say to me)

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