Can Demons Show You Your Spirit Children?

That’s true…

I’ll make sure to tell her that.

:crystal_ball: Thank you. :crystal_ball:

I have gone through this before…

It’s no joke and should be respected.

The nausea, fatigue and uncomfortable moments are no joke.

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Yes… It would be weird if they had your physical features.

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All my spiritual children have my spiritual features but they all look like they’re unrelated due to different parents most of them are grown and only 1 is nearing what physically could be teenager lol except for the other 3 that are triplets they’re nearing atleast physical equivalent to a 10-11 year old.


How long did it take them to get to that age?

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They were in a place where time flowed differently some a couple years.


That’s very interesting… I’m open to new experiences.

:crystal_ball: Thank you for sharing. :crystal_ball:

I just im just always sleepy I get up stay up for fifteen minutes and want to sleep like I’ve been taking 14 hour naps and it’s just not even good caffeine don’t help cause I’ll crash faster so I’ve been looking for alternative to keep me up

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Honey, for me what helped were warm showers and food. A lot of snacking helped me since my appetite rose in that period.

If you can take warm baths with scented bath salts it can really help.

…And eat like hell if you can. It can help reduce nausea.

You have to eat because trust me. These spirit children drain you. I literally had to force feed myself (Mostly because I was shouted by my Spirit Husband to keep eating…:rofl:)

Also, food is bae, you won’t regret it. :wink:

I love food it’s the content sleeping that’s the issue I’m having nothing like regular pregnancy lol

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You’ll be okay sweetheart. Just take care of yourself. It will pass in no time. :heart:

Not related to the thread but is your editor configured to write in bold fonts? Or you make your fonts bold?

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I make my fonts bold because the other styles are too boring for me. :rofl:


That sounds cool!

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This situation with your friend feels very off. If you want my honest opinion, I’d be cutting chords with this entity, it doesn’t sound like it is acting in her best interest and highest good. If these children actually exist and its not the entity planting ideas in your friends head, what is she going to do… get a custody order for them? They reside in another realm of existence, she should let them be.

You can clear energies, what banishing rituals is she doing, walking around the house burning sage does jack shit for entities hell bent on sticking around. That’s coming from my experience of dealing with various ‘flavours’ of otherworldly influences. Demonic, elemental and extraterrestrial.

One lesson I’ll never forget from of my guides, you never ever let any spirit, demon, or god, fuck with or dictate your life. As mentioned above, its giving her power away.


That is true… But I fear us humans run away when things get to hard instead of fixing the problem.

I feel like she should understand the situation then if it gets too much then she can ask for more help.

A relationship with a spirit should be honoured just like a relationship with a human.

The person she’s with is very high ranking and it would be stupid to go through those methods.

Out of all those children she has only met one.

I feel more will come if she learns to astral project. She will be able to see them.

Your opinion is valid.

However, she isn’t giving her power away just rectifying her situation.

Other than this problem. Her Ex always delivered. She told me so.

Also I don’t think is fair to decide if someone someone should either live or die. It doesn’t if it is spirit or human. That’s cruel… Would you be okay if that was done to you?

You asked for options, you got mine. :woman_shrugging:
I’m telling you what I think she should do. Which is exactly what I would do in her shoes, since I’ve done it to the last stubborn parasite I had, and it was the only way to get rid of it.

Does her wellbeing come first or her abusive spirit ‘partners’? I’m ot asking you - that’s her business.

Also, this is a left hand path forum, and it’s against the rules to moralise here.
Please reread the rules since you’re fuzzy on that, and don’t do it. If that makes you uncomfortable, man up and deal with it or leave.


Not every spirit should be honoured, that’s careless. I hold a certain group of spirits close and dear to my heart but any other being outside my circle that I sense malevolence and ill intent will be sent on their way. Peacefully and sometimes not so peacefully. It’s basic spiritual hygiene, which is a subject so overlooked by many occultists.

I would have to agree with @Mulberry, slice its head off. Energetically, of course.

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I understand that.

But… He has always done everything that she has ever asked of him. This is different. It’s not I’ll intent. Just one misunderstanding.

However, I’ve gotten private messages from people who have experienced this situation and I choose to trust that.

Also, you can agree with whoever you want. Every opinion is valid.