Can Demons Show You Your Spirit Children?

Hello Guys.

I have a friend who has spirit children with her Ex Demon husband. (Who still is fighting to get her back.)

She can’t astral project but can talk, feel and hear her ex lover through her psychic gifts.

They broke up because everytime she asked to see them he didn’t show them to her.

I’ve done some research on this and I’ve read that some people on this forum don’t see their spirit children after giving birth to them.

I want to help her but I’m not sure how to.

Any advice?

:crystal_ball: Your opinions are valid. :crystal_ball:

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No… Her name is Mia.

My case differs from hers and I’m just trying to find her help.

The thing is. The Demon told her they have many children together from the past.

I believe he should show what he says because she’s very stressed and hurt right now. :pensive:

I think the ones mentioned on here is by means of them getting into it with the knowledge they aren’t allowed to see them afterwords. I assume the demon father isn’t allowing it? if so it’s more personal and other demons and such I dont think will get involved in that kind of thing.

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I’m confused - isn’t this between her and them? She doesn’t need to go through him at all. He has zero say.
Spirit work is nothing like the human world, and spirits are not born helpless like human babies are.

So, why is she ‘asking’ to see them?? - this is an example of giving away her power - she doesn’t need to do this an any way.

Don’t ‘ask’ - just go see them. No problem.

You - no, she - needs to realise, humans are some of the most powerful beings in the universe. You don’t even get to be human unless you’re fairly advanced. (and he isn’t - think about that?)
So she can pretty much ignore that loser - he’s not incarnate, so frankly, he barely matters.

Her lesson is to learn this truth.


I believe she can ignore him entirely because his opinion is irrelevant.

SHE is the one who has to get with the program on that. Her belief and intention are what matters. She IS the operator, and the only one the top of the hierarchy in her universe.


Be very careful.
This could be complete bullshit - check for lesser entity status, reasons why he wants a captive audience, and deal with it appropriately.

SHE needs to verify this with her own kennings separately - this asshole can very clearly not be trusted to give the you time of day.

I feel a killing coming on.

We are not in times that accommodate wasting time on bullshit. Fix it.


It is but she asked me to get any information I can to help her. I did without a second choice because she’s one of my most closest friends and she would fo the same for me.

She can’t do it because she can’t astral project like other magicians to see her children.

I understand the spirit differs from this reality. However, their relationship was a beautiful one.

It’s really sad to see it go like this.

She knows her worth and power but she has a forgiving heart that is full of love. That’s why she wants to find solutions to her situation.

Your opinion is valid.

I don’t know why things happen this way…

I think its smart to stay away from such things.

She should have.

Did you quote the wrong person because none of what you said correlates to my comment.

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This is true…

However, he tries to get her attention and never leaves.

She has tried every banishing method you can think of after their quarrales.

I feel like… If an energy can’t leave you, it’s suppose to be there.

I feel it’s best for her to figure it out because he seems like he’s not going anywhere. :woman_facepalming:t5:

Sorry… I’m fixing it. :grimacing:

I understand your point of view.

She should do as you have said.

Her time shouldn’t be wasted on such.

Why do you write all your posts in bold?

But she could ‘use her gifts’ to talk to and shag this bumfuck? Doesn’t add up - she can see the kids the same way, or get working on gaining the ability to astral travel and/or lucid dream to do so - it’s open to all humans to do this, you know.

Then she should kill him. He’s outlived his usefulness or right to exit in her universe.
Chances are the attempt will get rid of him, either way he’s gone.

Only here have I ever hears of this phenomena occurring, or in a movie. Could someone please give me the name of a text on Demonic children spawn?

I write my posts in bold cause I can. :rofl:

I agree but she has been trying… I don’t know why things are this hard for her.

I’ll continue to help her. Cause she’s a close friend and she would do the same for me.

You’re opinion is valid. But I don’t think that killing her lover would be smart. He is a higher ranking Demon and I feel one should be heard out before completely cut off. Love deserves a chance and I hope that she gets hers.

I was just asking around to see if i can get more options to help her more.

So… Thanks for your input.

Demon children can be born either by means of astral pregnancy of a physical one…demons and even angels can copulate with a human and have children it’s not a uncommon thing how ever the demon has to (from what I know) want to have such a thing occur


Again, any sources other than just explaining the process?

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As for your friend I do not believe she should hold this against him… They have their own reasons on why they can not do as we ask them if she decides to get back with him she can how ever make/have her see the ones she had with him in this life it’s not impossible they will both just need to come to terms and understand where the other is coming from

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Just experience…I couldn’t find much text on it my self I how ever can tell you it’s possible since I myself am still carrying a demonic child…it’s not been fun…I lose alot of days cause I sleep alot more then a normal pregnancy but on here and a few other occult places


Spiritual children isn’t known much i theorize because not everyone in the occult community goes around throwing it back on entities. However, while I personally don’t know of any sources (mainly because I find experience first comes before research to help verify the common strings) only issue is that the spiritual child is very unlikely to have any of your physical features if it’s a spiritual child, it’s more likely to have your spiritual features than anything. If they have your physical features than in my opinion it’s not right.

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