Can demons nullify karma?

Lets say you did some stuff in the past where you attacked someone with magic or kundalini because of revenge. Now you will suffer karma, is there any demons that can remove this karma or is it absolute?

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I don’t know, but I’m hoping. I haven’t attacked anyone, but I was bit of a jerk to the girls in middle school and feel like I’ve been karmically paying the price ever since. As in to say I’m lonely and have no friends. I’d love to make up for it, but where I live, and the people I have access to, it’s mostly teens and seniors. I do not feel comfortable around teens and do not relate to seniors. So, I feel like karma is willfully being a bitch because it doesn’t seem to want to give me a chance for redemption.

Love to clean the slate completely.

Wow…I didn’t get physical with anyone. Making fun of girls was the only way I knew how to communicate with them.

It’s funny. You learn so many things in school to prepare for the adult world. But they never teach you how to talk to girls. I mean, you’d think they would because that’s all that’ll be on your mind at some point. Not that I would’ve listened anyway. Puberty is chaos, but I’d do it ALL over again.

Yea I have changed though and do regret, kundalini awakening kind of turned me in to a good person. I also have like zero social skills and am afraid to approach because of rejection. I don’t even bother with relationship anymore.

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I just don’t have any appropriate avenues. Me no like teens.

Karma in the hindu yogic sense or buddhist sense is your samksaras and vasanas, meaning your subconscious tendencies and mental impressions, meaning your thoughts are your karma, if you regret doing harm, you’ll suffer the karma of your regret, which is simply the fact of regretting (to illustrate an example, the fact of regretting will generate similar thoughts such as I’m bad, I’m evil, I should not trust people anyways, the world is not good etc… and these thoughts will shape your reality and hence you harvest your karma). It’s not a law of justice or anything such as far as I understand. Jnanis, yogis and buddhist arahats are beyond karma in the sense they are not attached to their thoughts and hence their self-structure, they do not identify themselves with their ego and view reality as one seamless experience in which we are wave in the ocean and we are the ocean, it’s like a expansion from the “ego-self” to the “god-self” (consciousness) and then followed by different insights such as insights into emptiness/shunyata etc…

The word meditation comes from the sanskrit word Dhyana (one of the eight limbs of yoga), which comes from Pali word Jhana (the jhanas of the buddhist concentration practices), which comes from the root word Jhapeti, meaning to burn, to burn one’s karma, by meditation and being aware, one burns his subconscious tendencies and mechanistic behavior/reaction, by burning that, you burn your karma, and at the end, if you aim for nirvana or moksha, you’ll disidentify from karma alltogether.
Two different process, one is burning karma little by little, one is jumping straight into the abyss.

This is my understanding from eastern philosophies, an opinion among others…


Thank you for the reply. Am not going to lie the person am attacking I feel no regret towards them, which means I will get no karma? The person made me suicidal with their attack, so it was quite intense.

I’m no expert in this but just sharing my opinion.

If this action doesn’t affect you subconsicously you won’t incur any karma. But the fact that you’re thinking about and making a post implies that it has already put some impressions in your mind and therefore has and will incur karma, karma doesn’t necessarily mean negative consequences on you at the moment, any action will bring about a reaction.

Ok let’s say you don’t regret it and each time somebody does something wrong at you, you simply take your revenge, that means you’ll become more of a reactive and aggressive person, and aggressive persons live in an aggressive world, therefore you colored your perception with your karma and believe yourself to be living in an aggressive world in which your actions are justified, that is your karma. If you had the perception of a “peaceful” person living in a “peaceful” world, you’ll be less likely to put your attention on what’s wrong and more likely to perceive peace and beauty, and therefore there will be no need for revenge.

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I don’t believe in karma and I have zero regret for that person. I made this post because I was told it exists but personally I don’t believe in it. We shall see how it goes though, I just consider myself someone who defended himself and got revenge.

Fair enough from my perspective you absolutely have the right to defend yourself, we’re not doormats.


Can already feel some kundalini ecstasy now that I convinced myself karma does not exist. AWESOME.

Karma does exist. However, it is not some barometer of morality like New Agers try to make it out to be but is merely the principle of cause and effect. You do this action and it results in that consequence. No more, no less. I feel there is a considerable misunderstanding of the concept of karma in the Western world, likely due to the fact that Eastern thought is very nuanced and a single word can have multiple meanings (a good example is the so-called Akashic Records, which only came to exist because of the misunderstanding of the Sanskrit word “akasha” by Blavatsky and her followers) Your karma is the result of your intentions. To kill out of anger, for example, is to incur negative karma. However, to kill out of necessity, is not.

And karma is entirely in your hands. It is not up to the universe or “god” to dish it out; your karma is caused entirely by your own actions and thoughts, nothing else. The responsibility is all yours.


This is an important finding. It proves how much it matters to have the right attitudes and headspace when doing magick or energy working. Just because you believed a rumour might be true it was interfering with you magick. Doubt kills magick faster than you can say knife.


Yeah, the whole point of demons is karma, demons are the archetypal spirits in the subconscious, that consciousness evolves through until it reaches the end of time or enlightenment.

They are the chaos beings humans must integrate into themselves to master their own chaos. This is something I learned on the 72 challenge, demons are spirits of the past by default they are spirits of time.

Ever summoned one? You are mistaken and evoking one, try it in the wrong way, will learn you quickly that they are not so-called archetypical spirits in the subconscious.

Work with demons like Cimeries to let go of unconscious blocks, and Vine for revealing the past and revealing curses, and then focus on cleansing and empowering yourself.

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This is what I don’t understand. Some actions obviously cause consequences. But let’s take an example of individual snitching on you anonymously which causes problems for you, but what consequence does the snich get for their action? Or the consequence would be you finding out and getting revenge? And then you incur some consequence for that and so on?

Or karma only applies to magick?

Karma applies to every action you take, magical or not.

As I said, karma has nothing to do with morality. In your example, the karma could be having to live with guilt and regret. Or it could be a career promotion. From my understanding, it has more to do with intention and what you hold in your heart when committing an act than it does the act itself. If they snitched on you because you were committing illegal acts, then their intentions are probably positive so good karma is incurred. If they snitched because they don’t like you or because they’re jealous, then negative karma is incurred.

The thing is, however, in the system from which karma originates, the ultimate goal is to extirpate all karma, both good and bad, because karma is attachment. Eventually you want to evolve to the point where you are acting for the sake of the action itself, rather than because something is right or wrong.


Glad to know I wont incur negative karma from what I have done. I always thought karma would balance itself, if someone damaged you heavily and you attack them back don’t expect heavy repercussions. But in general I would like to keep believing that karma does not exist nor apply to me.

Karma, like gravity, applies to everyone whether they believe in it or not. However, unless you are pursuing a path of spiritual Ascension in which karma plays a significant role, then it doesn’t really affect much. It’s one of those universal mechanisms that is just there until you get to a certain point in your evolution when you have to deal with it.