Can Demons/Deamons/Angels answer is directly?

Hello there,

I’ve been meaning to ask an entity, Ifá from Yoruba’s tradition to be precise, a couple of questions regarding my health and sanity, however, it seems to me that all of these entities who work with divination would require an instrument, such as a pendulum, a tarot deck, cowrie-shells, and to be quite frank, I’m not a master of any of these arts, I just wanted some answers given straight up, no riddles nor my having to try and figure out what the cards and shells are trying to say, since chances are, I won’t get it.

Is it possible to contact an entity and try to get straight answers for something?

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It’s possible, the issue is that most people don’t know what thoughts are actually theirs and which ones are not. Everyone is conversing with various entities constantly, they’re just too ignorant to realize it.


Yes, it’s possible to write the questions leaving space for the answers, then gaze at the entity’s sigil or veve. Look at it in a relaxed and intimate way (i.e. focused but without effort on the eyes part) until the sigil seems to become 3D or its lines flash. You’re now in trance, if you didn’t get those feelings you may perceive an alteration of consciousness, a force, or a presence in the room.
Now write down whatever comes to your mind, immediately, without analysing, doubting or correcting it. This method is based on clairaudience and at the same time improves that skill.


Woah, very good, that’s what I’ll be doing for the next days, thank you very much Fapa, do you work like this or have any experiences like this

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I did some “channelings” this way. Also, while looking at a sigil you may repeat the Spirit’s name. There is the 5 questions exercise by E.A. Koetting, which consists just in preparing those questions (naturally it may be good to read again the first one after the sigil gazing, receive the info and proceed to the second) for a given entity.

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