Can Demons be our friends?

@Helena well i let me rephrase that, i meant by people who aren’t aware of their godhood, people who are enslave by religion.

Yes you can, but sometimes I think some people befriend thoughtform demons rather than real ones with how you get some really stereotypical demon encounters that sounds like some bs vampire film of “sex and romance” type shit. lol.


So what about people who have a pact/bond with an entity but their role or mission in this particular life has nothing to do with LHP or even practicing Magick? And exactly this is part of their way to achieve their godhood?
It is not always as it seems.

Just trying to widen your horizon :wink:


Given the concept of everyone having Godhood is highly unlikely and just a means of “take charge and control of your life” is as close to godhood as most are, your background and practices or lack of practices doesn’t really matter. Some mundane as hell people have bonds with nonhuman entities even if they arent aware of them.


@Helena i guess you can put it that way, i’m not good at explaining.

Finding at home Seligmann’s History of magic and reading about Demons as a little boy, indeed I started thinking of having chitchat and become friends “between a request and another one”…

I believe so my husband is a demon…


Yes, just remember that you are likely not going to be compatible with every one you come in contact with. They have their own personalities after all. As for gender in my own interactions with demons, I don’t mind either way.

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