Can Demons and Spirits work together?

Hello everyone, recently I become Spirit Keeper. I have three spirits (not demon) with differ race.
I bought them from conjurer, I just wanna to ask when I become Spirit Keeper can I still able to work with Demons? Last nite when I evoking King Belial and Prince Sitri I told them about my new spirits and introduce them each other. I am hoping while having these spirits I can still able to work with Demons and ask for their help to improve my life.


I can tell you from my own personal experience that several spirits that used to hang around me or my house made themselves scarce when a demonic presence would enter the space. I’ve noticed that a good majority of lesser spirits (“races” unknown to me) prefer not to be around in the presence of darker beings.
But it very well may be different for yours. I’m sure if you develop your relationship with these spirits and slowly increase their exposure to the more demonic side of spiritual nature they should be fine.

Oo. In fact… it’s almost a nice opening for experimentation. Itd be interesting to set up each spirit as a sort of test subject.
One could be formally introduced by you and the other just fully exposed to the demonic sigil without prior warning. I think it would be interesting to observe what kind of reaction or even energetical influence the spirit may have as a result of the exposure to demonic energy. Would it become unstable? Or emulate the demon in order to survive? Sort of like nature… hm.

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Ohhh thankyou, I can see your point of view
I will try to make they work each other without being giving each other negative effects, I believe in them (my spirits and demons) can work together and can support each other, I will make my spirits know The Demons will not cause harm to them. So yeahh lets see my experiment and hope the best :smiley:

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I’m excited for this :smile:

I will let you know what would happens next :smiley:

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Demons are a type of spirit. Even though they may be of a darker nature, they can and do work with other spirits.

Thankyou so much, you open my mind.