Can demon make you pregnant?

Heyy ! I was thinking about this question . Can demon make you pregnant ? I know about astral pregnancy , i readed a lot about it on this forum . What are symptoms of this ? Can it do something to your menstruation and how does it last ? Thanks in advance !


There are many post’s about this. You just need to click on the search button :slight_smile:

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I think is possible if the demon possess the other person during the moment of the impregnation, but i may not be sure.


Astral pregnancy is not exactly astral pregnancy as in the astral a person literally imagine themselves pregnant and they will be as it’s the mental plane.

Spiritual pregnancy is when you are in a projection and you have sexual relations with an entity but the child will not have any of your physical traits, the child will take on traits of your spiritual 'genetics" and the genetics of the other parent.

Physically there’s been discussions of like bitter mentioned possession then impregnating which I believe has been brought up a few times.