Can cremation be used as a form of personal sacrifice?

I plan on being cremated after my death. I’ve been thinking of how letters to demons are burned and this is how they reserve them. So if I get a tattoo with the sigil of the great demons could it be considered an offering after cremation?

If you intention on getting the tattoo is for that purpose as a final offering, I can see it being the case

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that’s what I’m thinking, but I don’t know what the value of such an offering would be. Granted I will have to ask for something to offer it as payment.

I think it depends on your relationship with said spirit. It could be viewed as a beautiful farewell if you have spent a long time working with them. Could be part of a pact even.

I’m beginning to see the versatility of this. I plan on living a long life so Ill have to see how it goes.

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