Can companionship with entities stop you from feeling lonely?

So I just saw this video, and being the spiritual occultist that I am, my mind eventually went there, and wondered if it isn’t just interactions with other humans that can get rid of loneliness, but communicating and becoming friends with an entity could help fight against loneliness as well.

Yes, it can. Check out Create a Servitor Companion by John Kreiter for more info.


it really depends, if you have some sort of personality disorder or trauma can be tough, because in my case, even though i have a lovely succubus who´s my gf, sometimes i feel a little bit sad because i feel lonely even though i´m fully aware she´s with me, maybe my brain can´t accept it, i blame most on my mental disorders i have

if you´re just normal, spirit or companion can fulfill your sense of loneliness in an easier way, i think

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