Can candle magick damage your eyes?

Can focusing on a candle flame in the dark damage your eyesight? Is it similar to watching TV in the dark? The reason I ask is because I have cataracts in both eyes and my eyesight is very bad. I don’t want to take any chances damaging the sight I have left but at the same time I want to do magick and continue to better myself.

I doubt you will be harmed in any way doing candle magick, unless you come into contact with the flame, or it, with another flammable object.

A candle generally releases about 13 lumens of light. For comparison a 25w incandescent releases about 320. A 23w CFL, about 1,500. A 1kW HPS (orange street lamp), 110,000+.

Now 13 lumens in a direct, pin-point focus could damage anything, if concentrated into a small enough point. But with a candle radiating its light in a spherical manner, the actual amount of energy hitting your retina is extremely small and falls off on an inverse cube the farther from the source you get.

Ask your optician, and also research online on forums for people with cataracts, pass it off as “meditation” not magick to get a sensible response - usually, light with no blue or green shouldn’t damage your eyes, but with cataracts you do need to be extra careful, so ask medically qualified people and those who have the same condition and may have in-depth knowledge.

Is my advice. :slight_smile: