Can be performed at the same time on the same person magick with different intentions?

being more precise, I mean if you can perform on a same person at the same time magick for he to break up(the woman is very possesive and has made him to lose friends and be distant tpwards family), and at the same time cast other spell for him to have wealth, or good luck, money, etc?

I can’t say that I have personally done this. But if I did, I would create a different ritual for each portion, calling upon appropriate Spirits/Deities as needed/desired for EACH area. Just my opinion.

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They can, but since you’re new, yeah, split it up… Since you asked.
If it’s worth doing, don’t be lazy with it, and you can use the opportunities to build experience.

When you’re not new and have more experence, you won’t have to ask you’ll just do what you want.

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