Can be meditation dangerous?

Greetings guys. I would like to know how it is with meditation. I know it is a very effective method but I am afraid to practice it. I’ve heard that it can be dangerous that one may can accidentally connect to an entity and contact with bad spirits or that may fly out of body durring deep meditation. I don’t know which one is true? Is there any dan ger at all during meditation?

. I think you’re talking about the astral plane? astral projection?

I’m not good with meditation but I dont think it’s dangerous to just do normal meditation where you calm your mind and just breathe.

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Meditation is an inner practice, and is not about connecting outwardly. There are many types and there is not danger in 99% of them. Following the basic instructions given over most if the web is fine.

You have to work really hard at it to try to o something dangerous, like accidentally push energy through the wrong channels, the wrong way or without clearing major blocks. You won’t do this by accident.


I medidate with my eyes open as a form of grounding when outside. It’s very safe this way. A spiritual teacher told me that sometimes medidation isn’t about doing somewhere else but rather is about focusing on the now.

If you’re afraid of accidently calling an entity, maybe you could shield and banish before and after?


Only thing I’ve heard about it being potentially dangerous is “meditation syndrome”, or something like that. When people who meditate too much become depressed and see life as pointless and lose the feeling of connection with others, like friends and family. But that seems to be a very rare occurrence so I would not worry.

The things that you mentioned are very unlikely to occur.


@Kokot_Kiuh, you have to be quite advanced in meditation before you start moving into the dangerous parts of it, and even then if you move slowly and methodically you will be fine, some say you need a teacher for advanced meditation i say bull-shit just move slowly and with awareness and you’ll get through;, unless your devoting yourself to a specific tradition, then a teacher isnt a bad idea, if no teacher then finding a group to meditate in that tradition with would be fine. the danger lies in those who use hallucinogens within meditation practices or those that go to 12hr a day meditation camps for a week without meditation experience.


I wouldn’t label it as meditation syndrome personally, but as becoming depolarized, which to some extend is part of every magical system (at least it should be to teach the initiate to see both sides). I have read that a downside of meditation is that certain brain regions are “strengthened”, the issue comes into play due to the fact that our brains/ and thus we are wired to succeed. Building upon that thought, success is not defined; for you success could be failure (which I dont assume) or being depressed because that is your mode of being; meditation in this case would strengthen this manifestation.

So yes meditation can be dangerous depending on how your brain is wired, but I dont see an issue meditating when you are also working on self improvement. This becomes evident in Bardon´s work chapter 1 of Initiation into hermetics. You are required to meditate and create a soul mirror, and with the mirror doing alchemy. (Transforming a vice into a virtue)

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So just a nihilistic person who fails to cure their problem with meditation

On top of what Veil said: if you already had depression or another serious mental health issue to begin with, than yes meditation can be dangerous in that it can make things worse. Im pretty sure there are also reports of people who had a mental health issue and got better through meditation but Id advise to go really slowly in such a case as it could swing either way.

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