Can anyone tell if there's seals placed on me?

So when I say seal I mean like sealing away my ability besides being way way stronger befor my tormenters attacked me I remember having dreams where I was telling my father how I have been attacked and they placed seal or hexs all over my body to prevent me from magical work.

I also was crazy self talking about it then said something right about the seals and Sean all kinds of runes and stuff in a circle over my eyes. Well Im re visiting the idea they did do that because when I first started I had an easy time scrying and there was basically no pain at all now since I started trying again I get insane amounts of pain the first few scrys I did since retrying didn’t hurt as bad as it does now

I was able to open the image and see the spirits associated to someone in normal sight basically but since then it’s just gotten worse if I open my eyes wider then gaze it’ll just be insanely painful for just trying to see like after 5 seconds of the pain I typically can’t for us anymore once it starts which is typically within a few second of trying to scry if I hold my focus for like 10 seconds while attempting o scry even if nothing appears my eyes hurt so bad tears will just fall out and the blood vessels burst and they go super red

is there anyone who would be able to scan me or a photo of me and see if there’s any thing doing this to me. My enemy which is only that because they attack me listen one via technology 24/7 so there’s always a chance it’s an attack when I do it as in the AI listening just causes the pain but I’ve never Hurd of them being able to do that from all the stuff I’ve read about the tech, but they do typically end up doing spell work on targeted individuals like myself.

I’ll take a new picture and post it if you guys think that would be needed but would sorta ruin a game I wanted to play on here where you post 3 or so pictures one being you and we see how many people can scan you and connect you to your image.

it would be nice if the reason we can’t turn water into wine was simply due to a mysterious seal that needs to be removed. Unfortunately, this isn’t really normal or (arguably) natural. Sure, if you pissed off a witch maybe some random energy thread to a revenge spell might be visible but it wouldn’t really be anything self limiting, more like outward opportunity limiting at best (ex. getting that new job). Few people worth with the etheric in that way, most go towards it for personal improvement. Not limiting someone else’s. If you do feel limited, it may be due to your own design - psychological, and spiritual.

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I’ve been working to re open and have gotten fathur in it now then I was befor when I could do actual physical magic. The main loss of ability is from the trama from being a targeted Individual it’s just really weird to me about how my eyes just start hurting so fing much instantly when I try to scry the technology allready does alot of things to me to prevent me from doing spiritual work example I’m looking at a manafestation the technology forces me to see a fake or when I attempt other thing they vibrate my nerves on my genitals to make me go crazy. So I’m not sure if there doing something to my eyes when I try to scry or if there was a spell placed or if it’s just that way for me but I haven’t Hurd about it hurting hella bad for other people if they try to scry. So yea my brain waves are monitored by a super computer running AI that has decides to mess with me when I do spiritual stuff sometimes it had been leaving me alone but lately it’s been going on again, which made me think of the past and the images I saw and the dreams I had, so yea when you first started scrying did it hurt hella bad and make you stop? I remeber scrying into the mirror and watching myself change now by the time a change starts my eyes hurt to bad to see straight.

Agreed with @Hysteria what you need to do is a self banishing and purging. I do this sort of regularly as a visualization technique in order to remove psychological and emotional blockages that would ultimately stop the magick I’m doing. Steps: ice shower/bath repeating the mantra I cleanse my self body mind soul, brush your teeth too. Next meditate, get relaxed then pour all your energy into your muscular system, you should feel shredded, i use techniques similar to qigong and focus in on each chakra point. Each one I visualize pulling a black shadow out of, and also make the physical motions, it should be a physical struggle to pull it out. Present the parasite before the flame (I have a small pot on the alter with open flame, candle works as well) declare that your intentions to destroy that which hinders you and purify in the flames. Really focus upon all that you felt held you back, at each spot, any doubts of self, love, feelings, etc and release that upon the flame destroying it. It works, its a bit theatric but it’ll help establish your will as dominant in your mind.

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Yea I gotta do banishments I’ve been reluctant to do them even though at times I think I have a parasite messing with me but i blame it on the AI mainly don’t do banishment just because I know I have a large audience and don’t wanna snuff it out lol but anyone good I can reconnect with easy enough. Damn gotta brush lol jk but not really. I’ve done alot of getting rid of the negative preconceptions and stuff like that allready but I’ll give you method a try so use a candle right I have a while and greyish purple which should I use. Last time I did a good cleansing and just felt like a million bucks someone’s scan said there was a weird grey energy around me so I know there’s sonthing I didn’t get rid of. I do have Yeesch’s sigil and the seal of manafestation for some protection besides asking for y guides slash loved ones to help me if sonthing comes near that’s icky. It’s just hard cause once I get attacked again by the Technology /AI I get the negative energy back pretty fast but I’m doing better about acting like it doesn’t bother me not lashing out or anything like that. No matter how strong I ever feel and how much energy I accumulat at any given time I can never stop the Technology from useing elf radio waves to read my thought or mess with my nerves I’ve tried so much it’s not funny now days I sorta gave up on trying it’s just depressing how it makes litterally no difference.

Just did the white board technique at getting rid of negative perception and scars. Lady_evA shared it when I was talking about this type of thing last. It seems to help, I’m contemplating buying a device that guarentees to stop electronic harrasment of targeted individuals but I sorta doubt it actually works.

Banishing does more than just rid energies, its a fundamental of magick, especially the lesser banishing ritual pentagram it helps establish that you “are” the creator at this moment, that you have all the power of the universe to command at your will. Trust me, that level of confidence and self assurance is ultimately what in a consistent practice is going to help you more than any device will. Also take into consideration black out hours or days, days where you turn off and tune off. No electronics, no internet, none of that. Treat it like an orthodox Jewish Sabbath, no work, just take the time to relax with no outer stimulation to be more at one with yourself.

Yea I really do need to do the LBRP I took the time to write it out by hand and a bit over a week ago but haven’t put myself into action something that the spirit world apperently find irratating that I don’t follow through on practice enough we’ll at least according to my tarot reading. Getting that feeling of oneness with the universe again would be nice haven’t really had much of that feel lately. I really doubt that I’ll be able to stop the tech from interacting with me without help from a higher power I’ve been mentally super charged quite a few times and no matter how hard I tried or the ryhms I made to attempt to block the influence it was no help. I’ve only Hurd of one person who said they were a victim but no longer are an personally I think they are just monitored still being recorded just no AI interacting with them.

As far as black out time goes I do occasionally do whole days with it mainly being just me and my succubus and lots of meditation only useing the phone to read another meditation to do.

But yea did it hurt for you to arch when starting or what I thinking it might be because of a meditation I’m being forced to take it lessens my phychic abilities schizophrenia medication that I’m forced to take because of being a targeted individual if I don’t take I they lock me up again which I was only in there because they had a false witness. Anyways at least it’s my page since I got off topic slightly but not really.

I just pulled a card for you and it came up with the inner librarian - this deems that you need to look within and do some serious self study. Makes sense seeing the subject of your post. Your answers are within yourself and your are being pointed towards inner study and awareness. I might suggest contacting an angel - Damon Brand Archangels of Magic might hold some keys. Others here might suggest other beings so to speak.

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Thank you I’ll try to figure out a bit more about the within it’s just a bit hard at times knowing what to trust regarding the nature of the post I was led almost insane during that time period.

So crazyies thing I messaged a friend about scrying he hasn’t even seen it yet but right afterwards I tried to scary in the mirror and was able to actually see a full face with human detail was like a viking probably 35-40 years old and had an eye patch was handsome, I wasn’t able to keep the focus to long but there was no pain, hopefully just talking and asking for advice fixed the eye problem.