Can anyone teach me how to feed my familiar spirit Sekhmet?

This familiar has done me some great favors and i want to know how to feed her. I apologise if i make too many questions that offends people i got thrown out of college and church for making too many questions but the reasonb i ask you guys is because I respect you as my intellectual Superiors and I don’t mean to offend…

Ask your familiar.

Wot he said! :slight_smile:

If you can communicate with her, you should try asking her directly.

If not, ask her to send you symbols or guidance in a form you can understand - if, for example, you hear several different people in one day talk about incense then try offering that.

Is she connected to the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet? If she is, offerings of golden-coloured things (maybe a gold dinner-party candle, or a gold-coloured frame with an image of her or her cartouche in it) might be appreciated. You could also try writing something for her, thanking her and praising her qualities, and singing it.

But spirits aren’t all alike, so the best way to find out what she wants is to check with her. Good luck!