Can anyone shed some light on this?

So does any of this conflict with each other? Say someone was a devout follower of norse paganism had altars to Odin did rituals for Thor and Tyr etc. Wouldn’t those have conflictions with someone trying to invoke or summon someone like Lilith or work with a “demon” from an abrahamic religion? Doesnt proof of one religion disprove the others? Like if you come in actual contact with Lilith wouldnt that then disprove the existence of the other deities? Like if you met Jesus Christ himself that would solidify christianity as the one true religion wouldnt it? Or do all of these beings co-exist and its almost like a choose your own adventure type of thing? Like you choose the path of Odinism to attain “Valhalla” or Jesus to rise to “Heaven” so on and so forth. Personally I’ve always held the belief that there are no real right or wrong answers that it’s all personal choice depending on your taste of an afterlife.

As far as we know, Norse paganism, as an oral tradition wasn’t dogmatic, fixed and unaccepting like the JCI religions. They embraced new ideas and kept what worked, including being welcoming to xtians before they started to kill them all.

“Demons” are just the JCI religion’s insult term for older pagan societies’ gods. Some of them very possibly the same gods as the Norse by different names. There are those that believe Odin is Anu, And Thor is Belial, for example.

I personally don’t think it makes much difference from a practical perspective whether to think of these as “masks” of an even older entity, or entities in their own right, because that is right-brained consciousness trying to control everything, as it does, by labeling it, but the subconscious mind with all it’s symbolic language doesn’t care, and that’s what drives the magick.

So no, I don’t think Norse paganism has any conflict or censorship of working with other paths.


So do these entities, beings, deities, (whatever you want to refer to them as) almost co-exist? From my understanding there are multiple “gods” that represent the same aspects love, war, wealth etc. I know that Thor and Perun are basically the same thing just different names and slight variations with one being norse or germanic and the other being slavic. Does that apply to all of them across the board basically being 2 sides of the same coin or are the all separate pantheons so to speak with the choose your own adventure style that I mentioned earlier

No belief is objectively true, so no, it does not prove anything.

Only if you were already Christian. Several members of this forum have evoked Jesus and never once did he claim to them that the religion founded in his name was the only “truth.”

Again, no. The human mind is very capable of holding what seem to be contrary beliefs.

Norse mythology has demons too. In fact, most mythologies do, so the word “demon” isn’t just a JCI term. Malevolent entities do actually exist, and have been said to be responsible for the ills of mankind for millennia before Christianity ever existed, so evoking a demon, even one from a different mythology, would be perfectly acceptable.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.


Sometimes conflicts happen cognitively (dissonance) but sometimes deities prefer to be worshiped above others and it’s the choice of the practitioner if they decide to continue that or not. You can very well have multiple beliefs and worships but you should be respectful to the origins of those religions, i.e. Christo-Hellenism often has problems because the Theoi (main 12 Greek gods) usually require to be worshiped above others, which directly conflicts with the abragamic God who demands the same. You can still evoke either Zeus or YHWH without proclaiming them as your gods to worship, however, though it’s up to them whether they’ll actually work with you without worship or not

However, as someone who worships demons, Norse gods, and local MesoAmerican gods, these three don’t conflict as much especially when demons and Norse gods don’t demand specific higher worship which allows me to stick to my Mexica creator gods as the center of my true worship.

Remember there are many, many more religions than the Big Five (ChristoCatholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic) and Pagan Three (GrecoRoman, Egyptian, Norse). Does Norse Ash and Elm and Christian Adam and Eve mean that the first humans made by the Kiche Warrior Twins aren’t actually the first, or the other way around? No, they’re different beliefs that exist simultaneously due to different originating cultures at different times.

They can coexist, and you’ll have to be okay with paradoxical beliefs, but you should always attempt to respect origins as well.

Of course. I’m not trying to prove or disprove anything I’m just new to this whole realm.

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The thing about religion, there is no one true religion. There is a multitude of them and not just the common spoken ones.

Demons, spirits, entities, angels and all in between are relevant in all walks of life. Its just a matter of that culture and their specifics that many grow up learning or having some kind of stories about them. That said, when it comes down to all in any religion they dont look at the individual based on their belief or culture. What they look at is the individuals true intent. Approaching with reason or just a joke to try and test them to make an attempt to try and prove something.

People can work with many from all paths for various issues and it doesnt effect the other. In fact at times many will even work together on your same request if brought about. Though it is up to the individual to approach respectfully and connect with each to be able to determine any of that.

Now Im not sure if this in part is a way for you to make certain that it is perfectly fine for you to dip your toes with working with other demons, entities or any one else you may have in mind. Though I believe in your recent introduction you mentioned you have almost 0 experience but have grown up in the norse paganism religion. So if you personally have worked with Odin or have experienced more than mentioned. Dont let that hold you back from experiencing new practices or work. There is nothing to in a way “fear” that you wont be accepted by whom you may be thinking of approaching bc they arent from your same beliefs.

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Yeah I have 0 experience in doing anything intentionally

Nope! I actually work with both paths myself :slight_smile: both just as intimate as the other.

There are times Odin will bring other beings from other pantheons and cultures into your life, other times he’ll want to teach you himself before leading you to someone else.

It’s not really any conflict just a matter of what’s to learn at the time and what comes of it.

Odin does not like sharing

I have no problem worshipping the Norse Gods while working with Angels and other spirits.
When the Norse Pagans first encountered the Christians, they added Jesus to their pantheon as well with no issues. And in the Galdrabók, which was written after the Christians and Pagans in Iceland had been living together for quite some time, it casually mentions how Satan and Jesus live with Odin in Valhalla.

I personally don’t believe that all deities live in the same realm or anything like that, as the above implies, but I do believe that all have their separate realms of existence. When I first became a Norse Pagan, I still had the Christian mindset, and after I started working with Angels and seeing their power, I was caught in confusion. How could both these beings exist? I sort of asked the Gods in my mind. Then I was led to this site and everything made sense.

I haven’t done divination on this exactly, so I’m not sure how this completely works. It could be as simple as there just being multiple realms of existence. But, we see common themes among all the faiths that came from the Proto-Indo-Europeans. The chief Gods seem to have evolved from a specific Proto-Indo-European God, yet none of these beings seem to be Egregores and they do seem to be separate from each other. So, perhaps it could work as Dion Fortune or the Golden Dawn theorized with the Kabbalah and the sphere of Netzach, as it is hard to argue that humans don’t have an influence on these pantheons and their stories.

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