Can anyone recommend a spell to make my boyfriend miserable without me

My boyfriend is so indecisive and always flip flopping. When hes happy he tells me how happy i make him feel when he’s unhappy he would shit talk our relationship and call it unhealthy and toxic. Im so exhausted. We’ve been talking about moving in together because he wanted to so badly like we couldnt live without each other. and all of a sudden a few days ago when he already moved half of his possession in he decided to back out. and everything we planned for just went down the drain and i feel so abandoned and depressed. i’ve been so committed and dedicated to the relationship and all he said was he just changed his mind. He said he thinks it will be better for us if we wait but I told him backing out all of a sudden is only going to make it worse because I just feel like shit now everyday. I just casted a “Make him regret” spell haven’t seen results yet but I wanna know if theres one for him to be miserable without me?

Did u ask him reason for his change of mind?
Ask him politely and u don’t use magic for small trivial things

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Don’t worry, karma will take over him


just be patient and please don’t try something with magic, It will create karma to you

The fact that the constant change in opinion on your relationship based on his emotions is concerning. I would also second the recommendation to talk to him again, as it sounds like he may not know what he wants. Have you two considered a break to clear both your minds, and see what direction you each want to go?

I am not saying magic cannot be a solution, but I can see it back lashing on you in this case based on the fact he changes the health status of your relationship based on emotion. Making him miserable could further the toxic responses. Maybe something more directed for him to make a decision would be more efficient


yeah that’s true. He knows it’s his problem too he said his mind just races sometimes. He’s just so emotional and we’ve gone over how it has caused so many issues in our relationship. Even tho we were happy 90% of the time but once we have an argument he would explode and lose all the hopes and stuff lol

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I did ask him and he mentioned a lot of the things he never talked about before like some things I said that he kinda misunderstood that bothered him but he’s the kind of person to act like everything’s fine and bottle things up and then something like this happens. And I would just get so confused and angry because I feel like i was left in the dark the whole time. Like when he’s happy he would promise to give me the everything and I just had so much faith in him that’s why this is so traumatizing for me.

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No relationship is perfect,work on your relationship and communicate with each other.