Can anyone read me and my aura?

can anyone read me?
I can’t thank you financially
but I can help you somehow
for example be an assistant

There’s a scanning thread for this…


I tried to see aura and seen green and a little bit of purple. I start the scan again see it as white I do channel for words about your aura and my words change to " it’s small but efficient. " I wonder where the problem area is and see the heart chakra which is surprising cause that’s the color your aura first showed. I guese ou might want to co Sider working on over coming grief from the past o just doing a few affirmations about being over grieving


Can you scan my aura?

I first seen pink energy then seen some green and a image of a large tree with a women I think cloaked leading me sound the tree by the hand I seen image of water but I don think I seen what she was guiding me to. I scanned again and seen white wings then a frog. I ondered about your chakras and it seems our solar Plex was enlarged compaired to the others. I wondered about a blocked or hurt one and our throat appeared then while observing it which was the right color but facing upwards instead of down I seen a bird the same color as your chakra point it was decorative like a peecock but not one.


can you scan my aura too please?

Thank you, I don’t know if spiritually my throats chakra is blocked but Physically My thyroid gland has been Removed due to medical complications

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That’s uncanny cause I said or hurt but it was facing the wrong direction as well so I’d do a meditation on charging it and making sure it’s facing the right direction.

O I seen a dark pink somewhat purple and seen that your chakras in your hands were open, I thought what’s blocked or damaged type thing and seen your 3rd eye as a circle so apperently you could use a little more work on 3rd eye which I assume is a good sighn that if there’s one to work on its that one cause it always can use work and no others are blocked or harmed. I scanned Into the image again and seen a triangle appear I side of it I wondered if that men it’s facing up and it changed into a prism facing down and I felt energy so seems our pretty good off.

This is what I needed.

Can you please scan my aura please, much appreciated.

can you please PM me, can you a tarot reading for me? And a scan? I tried to PM you but I think I don’t have that option I couldn’t find it anywhere on my profile thanks.