Can Anyone Please Help Me To Do A Lust Spell On A Girl

I have been trying to get this girl for quite a long time. I have even used Magic but it didn’t work. I have tried so many spells and even read articles on this forum and tried them but no one worked. Please can anyone volunteer to help me do the spell to get this girl. I have tried for about two years now. Thanks.

Here are some questions to help me better understand the situation:

Were you lusting for results after each spell? (By lusting for results, I mean waiting around impatiently for what you want, becoming obsessed and worried about what ifs. Edit: just noticed you’re a regular and probably already know this term. Sorry, man)

Do you talk to the girl often? Does she seem to have any interest in you in general?

Have you done work on yourself to be more attractive?


Yes. Actually I do talk to her often and I don’t see any interest from her towards me other than friendship. She limits the relationship to “just friends”. I always work on my appearance first before any other thing.

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You would also benefit heavily from learning dating/relationship tips etc…

Even if the magick works, and you don’t know how to handle yourself as a man you’ll lose her. RSD is great as well as Corey Wayne. Study them both. You dont need anyone else.

I know all of the dating stuffs and getting laid. Her friends like me but it is her I want.

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Then thats your answer, show attention to her friends and ignore her completely, give her the cold shoulder, rarely talking to her, I can GUARANTEE YOU she will get more interested, simple psychology, then again, not everyone is the same


I have done that. It is just obvious no one is willing to help me out. Thanks.

Alright thanks.