Can anyone here access tha akashik records?

Everytime I access the akashik records I forget when I come back into my body.

I could literally have made my own free energy spacecraft that can time travel.

Or even know the winning lottery numbers

But everytime I come back into by body I forget.

Its really annoying. How can I stop this from happening?

Focus, concentration, tapping the latent power in your mind and body.

Stare at a dot on a piece of paper for an hour each day with no thoughts at all except pure focus on the dot. Do this for a month until you can attain that pure focused concentration instantly on demand on anything whether an object, a thought, concept, or force. Practice visualizing a dot to focus on with the same intensity or nothing at all.

Practice retaining concentration when shifting states such as when you go to sleep, eat, shit, read, or watch the brainwashing machines.