Can anyone help with Dantalion?

Hello I’ve trying to get into contact with the grand duke of hell Dantalion but not had much luck, I feel my ex girlfriend slipping further and further away can anyone contact him in my behalf? I feel mayb I’m not dojng it right?

What method have you tried?

We need details if we’re going to troubleshoot for you. Tell us your method, your offerings, etc,

Hey darkest knight thank you for getting back to me, I’ve only tried the one method, I’ve tried drawing up the sigil and lighting a candle and meditating for a while and saying his en for about ten minutes then trying to call on him, I’ve also tried crying through the mirror technique Aswell l. I’ve written posts on here for offerings and also asking him what else he would like in return for doing this job for me so we can come to an a agreement, where am I going wrong, and what info will you need to help me in this situation l, it would be much appriciate did you could help me mate

What method of trance did you use? If you didn’t at least enter an Alpha state, then the chances are high that you did not connect with Dantalion.

Did you try to open his seal?

Yeah I used this method when trying it is the same as the method EA Koetting has on YouTube right? I’ve Been trying for three past week or so, I’ve even tried to contact people who claim to be able to do black magic for this reason but I believe them to just want your money and they can’t real connect, dark knight I have seen your replies a lot to people on this forum when I first started looking on here, can you help
Me please?

Is there no way I can message you directly with details?

You’re a new member so you do not yet have the ability to PM. It is system restricted and becomes unlocked only after you reach a certain threshold of activity on the forum. However, if a member sends you a message, you are still able to reply. You just cannot initiate.

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Okay thank you could you message me so I can send you some details dark knight?

I’m also interested as I’m having the same problem I’d love it if someone could help :heart::heart::heart::sob:

I believe that your belief stands on your way to get results.


It’s not that it’s just that once I sent them the money they never replied or answered me again lol


It happens lol
If that experience doesn’t affect your beliefs, it can be even good for you.
Not long ago, I was a click away to apply for 250 $ online esp course :joy:

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