Can anyone help regarding this talisman?

I am not sure what language it is written but I am guessing it is in Arabic. Ive emailed the seller regarding the translation but havent heard back.
I have been looking online for talismans as a gateway for me to tap into magick world and this particular one caught my eye, apparently it is real tiger skin and the wearer feels confident and protected etc. It is very expensive and I was just wondering if it a scam? Or maybe it is juust a placebo effect?
Your insight would be appreciated.Untitled

HAve you tried running it through the translator of imaged writing on Google? It isn´t perfect, but at least it might identify the language.

It doesn´t look like Arabic to me. Perhaps, a form of Hindi or Sanskrit (admittedly I have never seen sanskrit, but my intuition told me to suggest it)

it’s not very readable, reading it in Arabic is impossible, it doesn’t make any sense.

@king_baal it looks like a talisman out of the Arabic grimoire “the Book of Power”

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the talismans in that book consisted of Arabic script AND some scribbles that may or may not be sigils

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@LockhartTemp this isn’t Sanskrit or Hindi. Looks nothing like it. Tried teaching myself many years ago.

It’s some type of Arabic language mixed with something else. I think they also write from right to left.

So no one is going to touch on the fact this guy is buying tiger skins, while there are <4000 tigers On. The. Fucking. Planet.
That’s fucked up bud, I hope it says " I can’t believe this colossal ass clown bought 18 layers of my old shit caked underwear"


@king_baal Where is it supposed to be from?

Thanks everyone for your response, much appreciated. They are based in Indonesia so I am guessing Javanese.

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Good luck! It’s a tricky one.