Can anyone help me with step to step guide to Evoke King Paimon

For instance, I use a servitor and basic “I’m the god of this room/body” logic. I got a nice banishing servitor that I trace in the air that feeds off of the energy it disperses. It’s super effective.


That’s such a great idea!!

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Any ritual works, the more convenient the better. All rituals are just to get your mind in the mood, you can honestly just will energy out/away.


The more one practice sees results, even a minor one that takes only a few steps, the better it works.


This is nowhere near correct. Where did you hear that? lol

Sounds like religious propaganda from the pro-demon crowd to me.

A circle serves a bigger function than just protection. It is the space where you become God, and remove yourself from the mundane world, something very important for a beginner.


Okay, I didn’t know this. I heard it from a lot of regulars on the forum.

Okay, I’ll actually start imagining me in that… at all times. I’m great at visualization.


When you have a lot of experience in ceremonial magick, you will reach the point where you evoke without a circle, but when you are a beginner, there is a reason why the casting of a circle is taught first.

EA teaches the use of circles in both Evoking Eternity and Works of Darkness, as well as the evocation course, so it seems a little funny to me that he would now suddenly say it’s “rude.” That is something I would expect from a demonalator, someone who worships demons, not a ceremonial magician. Perhaps the change is part of his evolution.

The biggest thing casting a circle does for a beginner, is focus. It helps the magician to get into the mindset for magick and leave the “normal” world behind. Eventually, with practice, casting the circle will act as an anchor to your subconscious and immediately put you in the mindset necessary.

And for the record, there are many free form styles of evocation that do not use circles. What I am discussing is specifically ceremonial magick ie the tradition from which the Goetia originates.

@Rahul_Nair A banishing ritual is not an insult. It’s basic spiritual hygiene. It clears your working area, and sets up a boundary so no forces or energies can interfere with what you are going to do, which is summon a spirit.

However, if you feel that it might offend, there are plenty of demonic banishing incantations available here that you can use in place of a full fledged ritual. It will clear the area but it won’t set a boundary.


I am the type of person who never really leaves the world of magick behind.

I see it as a sanctioned wall that seperate me from the mundane. A space of creation so to speak.


I bought a Ceremonial Magick Goetia Circle with Tetragrammation to put sigils in

I will be summoning Marbas and Asmodeus to appear in solid form to ask for there help.

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