Can anyone help me with making someone fall in love with me

Basically I have tried lots of spells and other to make a girl fall in love with me but none have worked. Can anyone please make her fall in love with me. Please

please reply. anyone??

No need for all this desperate love spell shit. Watch AMS on youtube he’ll sort you out

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If she has no already existing affection for you then it wont work, you’re better off edging her to befriend you first or if she’s already friends creating a window of possibility for her to fall in love with you. By that I mean certain gestures to show interest, making her feel closer to you, either by means of literal action or means of making yourself more inviting to her.

Love spells require something to tether onto, it can’t create love from nothing.


she is a great friend of mine but still it doesnt work. what to do?

Does she already have feelings for someone? have you shown interest? you could also petition an entity of love you’re close to that will create such a window for it.

It is not that easy to overcomes someones will.Are you developing your energy & skills?

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she has a crush on some one. one time i proposed her and it didnt went well.
Me:I love you
she: I love me too
but still we were friends

I kinda want to increase my kudalini energy can you help?

So her affection is already for someone else, which means her will is most likely a bit too into that other person.

yes,thats the problem man

Try praying to the Archangel Anael

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Love spells temporary even if it work, other then trying to get your crush with a spell. Why not create and cast a spell for someone more your match in your belief and characteristic, you might like this person more then your crush. I am not telling you what to do, but just to open yourself with the idea that there more then one person.:hatching_chick:Maybe later she be interested especially if you remove your mind from that desire and let it take form.

Yes haniel can work … works best with self love though

Also what happened to your legion from qayos ? U can use them too .

The desperateness is counter intuitive. It can be the very thing keeping the results from happening. I’ve never agreed with love spells but I would say it’s just one of those things you do, and let it go out in the ether and see if it yields results. She could also have friends in high places, whether she is conscious of that or not, meaning she’s protected from these sorts of influences, not everyone is susceptible to these things. Also be honest with yourself and ask the question is this in your best interest and her best interest… now if it’s a genuine and authentic love it will just happen naturally in its own way, it can’t be forced, just some food for thought. Good luck.