Can anyone help me out with reaching the Great Duke Dantalion?

Hi! I’ve been trying to ask something to Dantalion, I’ve tried to meditate, offering him a candle and a cup of honey and tea and I even think I’ve felt his presence. I need to ask him something that’s pretty important for me to know about some people’s intentions and also I’ve been wanting to ask him if he could give me a hand with them. Last night I believe I felt his presence. I was meditating, suddenly everything went completely silenced, I felt a different energy than mine and it was really intense and it was as if I was floating in water. Also, during my meditation I think I saw some sort of silhouette with bright eyes staring at me in a table chair that’s in front of my bed. I saw a post here on the forum that may confirm that it was indeed his presence around me, but the thing is that I couldn’t listen if he answered me. It could be due to my inexperience with spirit summoning, but I’d really think that it would help me if someone could give me any piece of advice on the subject. Thanks everyone beforehand! Have a lovely weekend. :blush:

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More than likely, you connected with him, even if you couldn’t see him.


Whoa, that’s great! So do you think he actually herd me when I asked him? I’d really like to be able to listen to him, though. Got any advice on that?

Yes, if you felt his presence, then again, you’ve connected with him…which means he’s heard you. As far as actually hearing him or any other spirit, it just takes practice, meditation, intuition, asking for a sign, etc.

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Great then! Thank you!! :blush:

You should try and develop your clairaudience if you want to hear him and clairvoyance if you wanna see him. Don’t worry though, these skills are relatively easy to unlock once you open your third eye. :smiley: He is with you! Keep it up! :slight_smile::metal::black_heart:


My answer is yes you did and did very well for some one with little experience it takes time to open a connection with one of them any way…best thing to do to try and have a kinda contact to speak is

1 use the candle ask yes no questions make sure they are written down first before going into ritual

2 have a paper with letters and numbers on it and have a pendallum
Let him know you are not able to hear him and try this out
Speak each letter slowly

If the pendallum moves write the letter go all the way through the line of letters and numbers

Try to make sentence out of it

I did this with furfur just to see if it works he told me he has been working can’t come to you right now…story for another day you do it right you have established contact to communicate with him

3 just use a pendallum yes no questions

4 auto writing

Take a deep breath and and relax as much as you can let them know what you want them do do give permission or this won’t work

Put on a blind fold
Place pen pencil in your hand
And make sure your note book is opening your lap
Stay relax if your hand moves on it’s own and starts writing that is him giving you answers just stay relaxed

Read when done

And you can always ask questions and have him keep going

Also he likes any form of art as an offering I wrote am still writing a book fiction about him I read it to him a few times he liked it alot

Congrats on being with him he is wonderful

Best wishes

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Thanks! I actually did hear him the other day. It wasn’t too long responses, since I’m still not trained enough, but I could ask him what I needed and he said he could help me out! :smiley: Btw, thanks for the tip of the forms of art, I’m actually working on a solo album, and I really didn’t know much about what to do with it just yet.

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I’ll surely do! Thanks for this great answer! I’ll definitely look that up.

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As long as you heard him is all that matters trust your instincts and intuition and you will be fine as for the art that’s so cool I’d love to hear what you got some time and I’m sure he is antisapating a consort from you lol spelling is way off tonight

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No problem :kissing_heart: