Can anyone give an interpretation please

I’m learning Tarot and would like to hear your thoughts on this spread. It is in matters of love.

Sometimes it’s confusing for me with three cards so I want to see if anyone else gets the same feeling

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Did you do a specific spread or did you just pull three cards? Which question did you ask?

10 of swords I found in past readings represents backstabbing, playing the victim, severing ties, etc. 3 of pentacles could mean a love triangle in a love reading, or being appreciated for the work you do, and four of wands means peace and prosperity. However these depend on what reading you have done. Just my two cents, others may interpret differently.

I asked about my soulmate. Im wanting to get back to talking to him again (did not have a fight. Told him how i felt about him and promised to not contact him again as i felt he didnt want to speak anymore. So im hoping that he would reach out to me again) The spread was issue, present circumstance and future in that order. Called a quickie three.

Sadly, the triangle makes perfect sense. Severing ties i can see as he stopped talking to me after I ‘declared’ to him how I felt.

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I’ll give this a try, though all I can really do is interpret these as though they were from my own life and circumstances. Also, I will try to use the card art instead of the official meanings since this isn’t my Rider Waite deck.

Someone in this situation was a giver.
They give and they give, to everyone and freely.
While they give, they are loved by all and sundry.

But they have nothing left to give.
The people they gave to are no longer friends. They are monsters.
They are entitled.
They won’t stop.
They must be warded away.

Time has passed. This person is now celebrated, but not for what they give. But for who they are.

are you giving lots of love, and feeling like youre not recieving much back?

dont think you have to take care of all the stuff happening around you, in other words, dont be putting weight of all the problems happening around you, on your shoulders.

you already have all that you need to attract people so dont worry

this is my interpretation, does it resonate?

So you probably asked if he would reach out to you again?
Its always not perfectly accurate to interpret a tarot reading someone else did in my opinion because they pull the cards for their way of reading.

I’d say that your connection got too close for him at some point.
I think he was pretty happy with your connection but at some point, something stressed him - could be that you told him about your feelings - and it’s hard for him to accept, that something has changed between the two of you. It’s possible that he will realize that this stress is not necessary, because with the 10 of swords, the situation is usually already changing somehow.

The future card is a positive one. So it’s likely, that he will miss you and want to spend time with you again. It’s not about love at this point, but about being together and spending a good time. So I think it’s possible that he contacts you again because he misses you as a friend.

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In that case, the way I can interpret the future would be you’ll find peace in the end, however if my hunch of the present is correct, the person in question is “telling tales” of sorts.

Mother always says: Those that talk about you to others will do the same to you. But I don’t know the full situation, so take it with a pinch of salt.

kinda on the blend of my interpretation so we getting somewhere

A bit more to add. Ive known him 35 years. He is my best friends brother (she passed sadly) My declaration isnt so much as a “surprise” as hearing it spoken out loud if that makes sense. He always knew that i liked him. He even acknowledged that when I said “I tried” and he said he knew. Always been a touch and go type thing. We both were interested but nothing came about it. Always friends and always got along. Never once have we had a fight or argument. We live on opposite sides of the country (him in my home state and me out west). I went back home and saw him in December.

So yes i wanted to see if he would reach out to me again (he initiated contact last July and made a point of seeking me out) There was no reason for this after a very long absence of not speaking or seeing each other (my friends/his sisters passing)

Yes it does. Ive always just wanted a friendship at least with him. I am happy being able to be just friends (and I told him that and he knows im sincere based on the length of time he has known me)

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When did you tell him about your feelings?

March 10th. That is the last time we “spoke”

you have given attention and friends have not been good in such a case, you must cut it, and advance in yourself-partner, there are good plans but action is needed

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I am getting that there’s also someone else “in the room” between the two of you.
Could there be anything were he felt betrayed or something like that?

Also, you shouldn’t hide your feelings. Maybe he don’t run away from them, he just doesn’t know how to handle it.

This is a wee bit confusing to me as he does live with someone. He did marry and broke my heart as a late teen. About 14 years ago we talked (on the phone) very briefly and he has said that they divorced. However i do know they still live together still. But i dont know if that divorce is “legal” or not. I do know that they truly do hate each other so there would be no “betrayal” on his part. Last year he did make the comment before I “declared” that he saved us both a lot of heartache in regards to a comment i made that “I tried” meaning getting his attention and hinting my interest. Whatever that meant and this was stated before we met up in December of last year. He is very vague in his comments to me and wouldnt elaborate.

If he has feelings for you it might feel for him like betrayal if he goes to deep into a connection with you or thinks about his real feelings. He might be afraid. Or he’s not honest.

He did make the comment that he doesn’t believe in love. Yet he is the one who has always tracked me down and sought me out. Every single time. When messaging him I did block him for a couple of days (I had my butt in the air and told him i didnt want any further rejection from him. I did do it kindly in the sense where i wasnt a bitch about it but still) Trouble is I dont know if he realizes he can message me if he wants. He shows up in my messenger so he didnt block me back. We have a mutual niece that we both comment to (my bf daughter) so he must see my name there as well. I just want my friend back if that is all he ever is to me.