Can anyone explain why i keep coming across bird feathers and keep seeing black crows and seagulls

So ive had black birds outside the house and seagulls they seem to always be near me when i go out

I recently had another spell cast over one week ago and i keep finding feathers when i am out and about i saw a white one then a black one and a grey one

Can anyone explain?

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a black feather is a sign of protection. (I always save the crow and raven feathers I find.) The white one represents faith and also protection. the grey means neutrality. :slight_smile:


Oh thanks for that its just this week i have seen like one feather everywhere i have went

First, are they common in your area?


Crows and seaguls? Not normally usually its just magpies and pigeons but recently there was a whole family of crows sitting on the bin shelter and also two were on the grass as i walked out

seagulls can be found anywhere. I live near the mountains and they show up. especially near landfills.

Usually there is none where i stay though its only round about areas but recently there been alot of them outside

Not magick related, but is your area located near the sea/ocean? Not surprised with crows though because they could live anywhere despite the climate, seagulls however are only usually seen in areas near the sea or ocean.

What you are describing with both physical signs of birds and feathers are warnings.

The physical signs of black birds, perhaps black crows? Are signs not to transgress further with your rituals if they are for bane, the three feathers are the symbols of the elements of your spell work.

why what happens if they are? they werent for bane i wasnt hexing anyone … i thought perhaps it was a sign raum was near

Lady Goddess Morrigan represents crows not sure about Segal’s but Morrigan may be trying to contact you. She will keep leaving you signs untill you notice them it took me two weeks to actually have it kick in but she made it real blunt and also came to me as the old lady. She is an amazing Goddess. Just be totally in tune of your surroundings, intuition.

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ohhh! neat!

will look into this. i knew nothing of this Lady Goddess Morrigan. i have a ton of crows.

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There is also Lucifer and Lady Freya that i just found out about she is a Norse Goddess

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Love my Freya!

Lucifer, will research this one.

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