Can anyone explain what I'm feeling?

Ii am not new to magick by far, but I am a newbie of black magick. I have been doing the power eye mind exercises the last 3 nights in a row. Going to share some of my experiences, hoping someone here can clarify what I am feeling or sensing. After doing the power eye exercise Eric mentioned in one of his videos;

Night One:
When I opened my eyes, My senses were greatly heightened. Better vision, better sense of smell, etc. I then started getting a bad headache and found myself gripping my head on the front and back with both hands. The headache became painful at one point and I could smell men’s cologne in the room. I verified I was not smelling my shampoo etc., I am female. I could feel a male human presence with me, like doing this exercise opened my mind enough to allow someone to travel to me in my room. This person placed his hands on my head, and my headache dissapated.

Night Two:
Same heightened senses, but this time the headache was more painful and my stomach hurt, felt like my abdomen was tensing up badly. I found myself doubled over in pain on the bed. Again, the same male human Presence from the night before, appeared, I could feel him not actually see him, and again he touched me and my pain vanished. First 2 nights I was exhausted afterwards, I’m guessing because I have never exerted my energy into a mind exercise this deeply before and my body is simply not used to it yet?

Night Three:
Senses were heightened to the point I felt like I was part of my surroundings instead of just “in” my surroundings. I felt connected with everything in my room. My vision was distorted but in a good way. No headache or pain this time. Again, the same male presence arrived and grabbed my hand. It felt like a great deal of power was pouring into my body. Felt a massive tingling, like I had my finger in an electrical outlet. This feeling was unbelievable and felt so good. My reality, almost felt unreal, like I had soul traveled by accident but I knew I didn’t, I was still here on this plane.

Can anyone explain this? I assumed the feelings of uncomfort, headaches, etc. were because my body is new to opening up my ajna chakra on this kind of level, I am adjusting. But what do you think the male presence I am feeling is? Am I just feeling power slowly come to me each night but my mind is projecting it in the form of a human male because subconsciously that presence makes me feel safe and more comfortable? Also, I immediately did a tarot reading each night upon completetion of these exercises. This time, instead of just sensing which cards I needed to draw, I felt a pull, a tingling in my hand like my hand was saying, this is the card you need to pick, like my hand was magnetized and pulling the cards to me. I never felt that before. Once in my hand, the cards would pulsate, and last night something told me to draw more cards than usual so I listened.

I am finding, these exercises are opening up my senses in ways I’ve never felt before, and it feels unimaginably great. I literally feel like something is awakening imside of me. I never got these kinds of results with white magick in the past so this time, I actually have confidence that everything is working and I’m not dellusional, because I can feel the results. And my tarot readings are bringing me the exact cards I need, no second guessing myself like did this really work? I just know it worked, I can feel it working with every fiber of my being. E.A., thank you! Your methods are producing real results for me already, and I am just getting started so I am very excited to see what happens as I keep progressing on this path to enlightenment.

work with rocks, or crystals. these can help protect you. Rose quartz, when crushed, I have found is a great healer. pour It all over your body.

a nice crystal may be used to help balance things (prevent headache) when this happens to you, if it were me I Would be leaving the house because I am deadly allergic to perfumes.

maybe when you smell it, burn incense to drown it out. Headaches can also be stopped by squeezing the spot inbetween your thumb and index finger (squeeze as hard as you can) Cayenne pepper when inhaled through the nostril is also beneficial for this.

as for the tarot, I have been taught that when you are drawn to a card (When they are fanned out) it it the card trying to trick you. It is best to have a clear mind when doing a draw, you have to almost surprise the cards with when you decide to do a reading.

You also may want to clear the current environment you live in. Using frankincense is absolutely your best friend for this. Aswell anysort of working with Lucifer.

“A 2008 study reported that frankincense smoke was a psychoactive drug that relieves depression and anxiety in mice.The researchers found that the chemical compound incensole acetate was responsible for the effects.”

Or white sage, I love Frankincense and Mirr incense . Can’t wait to order copal resin and really get cooking .