Can anyone explain the benefits of stillness meditation?

I’ve been practicing meditating by just holding completely still for 5 minutes at a time and I was wondering what benefits there were to doing this besides learning better self control. I’ve also started getting small headaches during these 5 minute sessions, should I change strategies?

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have you checked Eckhart Tolle? Assuming that’s what you’re talking about.

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Try a variety of different meditation styles and expand on the one you have the best results with

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I have not. I’m guessing that’s an author.


From my experience stillness grants:

  • An increased awareness of self
  • It is a pathway to the Void and spiritual development
  • It will broaden your psychic senses and expand your awareness of the present

I’ve been doing stillness meditations for a few months now. At first, I did not get it. Like what is the point? But that is only because I did not become still. When you practice stillness it allows you to fully be present, in the moment. This presence brings forth an immense sense of inner peace and stability. Not only that, I have found it to be a pathway to the Void. You go beyond the present moment, and expand past time and space, to basic current of energy that underlays everything.

Practicing stillness is also the most basic exercise to get to ‘one pointedness’, which is a requisite for expanding upon your power and abilities as magicians. There is a lot of stuff written about one pointedness, but I have found since I started really becoming still -Ive been able to see energy clearer and feel its shifts with a heck of a lot of more accuracy-. And this is just the beginning.

I have only achieved perfect stillness, I would call it, for about 5 seconds so far xD Well, it felt like five seconds, but the session ended up being 10 mins longer than the timer I had set. I lost awareness of my body completely. It was something else, to just be. idk how to describe it, but its been something Ive been ‘chasing after’ (I know wrong mindset) ever since.


Benefits of stillness during meditation is focus on the body in accordance to its surrounding.

You feel more from doing less, you express more, by doing nothing. It’s a bit of a weird one to think, but if you can’t sit down and relax for a bit and be still, your nerves are running too high.

Not that meditation is for everyone as many will never be interested, but everyone will benefit from it.


How long do you usually meditate for? I’ve been going for 5 minutes at a time but I’m probably going to increase that to 10.

I do about an hour a day of sit down meditation. It is much easier to dedicate time to it because of the lockdown though. When I had an actual life, I was happy with 30 mins of sit down meditation.

If you’re just starting out 5 mins is a big deal (and seems to take forever).

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Do you ever get small headaches during your meditation? The last couple times I did it I noticed that I got small headaches that went away after a few seconds.

if it’s a type of pressure kinda headache… speacially towards the front of your head… might be your ajna chakra

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After that you may “move” your consciousness over the various parts of the body to relax them, and also being conscious of your whole body then focusing on an entire arm, on the hand, on the thumb etc.

That sounds exactly like what I’ve been feeling, a pressure in my forehead.

Yeah those are usually symptoms of the ajna chakra (3rd eye) “awakening” as they call it. Dont be afraid.
It happens when you meditate right? If it happens after you meditate of practice certain types magick it’s probably your 3rd eye

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It starts when I start to get into my meditation and either stops after a few seconds or after I stop meditating. Would increasing the time of my meditation sessions be a good idea or does this mean that I should stick to what I’m doing?

Any meditation is better than none but… meditation should be practiced at least 30 minutes a day. That’s just my opinion of course.
if you’re doing 5. Get used to the 5 than increase. At least 15 minutes should be what your goal is. Now of course once 15 minutes becomes easy for u… try longer haha.

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My goal was to eventually get to 30 minutes. Good to know I was headed in the right direction.

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I’ve recently started meditation. At the very least, it disciplines you to clear your mind, which is a necessity when performing magic.

I’ve managed around 15 mins of meditation and I must say the effects on your mentality are amazing, even for such a small amount of time. You feel calm, and blissful… it’s better than any pill that increases mood, trust me.

In long stretches, meditation can lead to your brain reaching the highest frequency – what I call the “superhuman” frequency. It is called gamma. This frequency is what the great people of the world tap into you, what helps them endure and gain success. Ever wondered how a guitarist in a band, for instance, can jam for 10 minutes and jump around, possibly sing as well? That takes a lot of energy and power.

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