Can anyone channel/scry info? Ultrastuck and disempowered

hi there guys, I am ultra f*cked, I am stuck and I don’t know why -
I can’t even do baneful f’in magick anymore at the moment, IDK why,
I might need some heavy fixing, in a way that is adequate to the exact issues - can anybody help me pls? :))) thanks beforehand. :slight_smile:

I had this issue a bit last year, turned out a long-ingrown parasite had been feeding of the energies as I was doing Workings and grown to become string enough to cut me off and be a bother.

I’m at work right now but can do a reading. I’ll do two if you don’t mind - my usual deck, and my new Qvaria deck that seems kinda OP, which I’m loving, but still getting to grips with it.

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How did you handle the parasite?

A combination of approaches, as one by itself wasn’t enough. It was very deeply embedded.

  1. It was discovered in a divinatory consult with a witch, which I booked for this being stuck like my magik was blocked feeling
  2. I verified in journeying that I agreed with the divination, and I found it was very, very good at hiding from me and others. It’s a testament to the abilities and allies of that witch that she saw it at all. .
  3. I hired another mage to detach it for me while …
  4. I worked on getting a handle on it on every level, as there were several layers to it
  5. I performed several journey meditations attacking it at all the levels. It finally detached, and I could see it, and it remained circling me looking for a way back in
  6. I meditated to discover and went back to when and where it came in, to the same house, (in my astral) and burnt the entire house down with me and it in it. I held it in place as it burned.
    Then it was finally gone, gone.

Sometimes, you have no idea what to do, and you just have to keep at it and try different things until something starts to give, and then you keep working it until you get what you want.



So using the Quaria deck by Josephine McCarthy, I pulled cards asking questions about your situation.
I let cards pop out as they would, as they didn’t seem to like the usual shuffle and take the top cards that works with Tarot.
These cards have both esoteric and mundane interpretations.

In the tradition of witches, I asked questions three…

  1. “Why is Hermes stuck?”
    Card: Inner Companion
    Now, the explanation of this card is generally good - the companion is the equivalent of the Kabbalistic Sandalphon. It’s supposed to be a guide specifically for mystics, but not one that will save you from yourself. You get it from working in the inner realms.

My thoughts: I’m not seeing the sense of it. How does it help if a ‘guide’ blocks you? Let’s wait and see what’s next.

  1. “Who is this ‘guide’?”
    Card: Faerie King
    Well, this is a trickster. It’s the male aspect of fae consciousness. It doesn’t have human values or emotions. For a mage it’s usually a fae being that wants to work with you.
    It could though, represent the land you live in, and that it’s forces are affecting you.
    Quoting from the entry:

“If this card appears in a magical reading, ensure that you are working magically in a way that is conducive to the land, plants, trees and creatures around you, and that you are not inadvertently causing conflict through your work”

My thoughts: Considering the first card indicated you picked up a companion, which also agrees with my wet-finger-in-the-air feeling that it sounded parasitical, I’m inclined to recommend looking for the fae around you now.
Not necessarily Oberon himself, more likely a local, male fae that wants your time and attention, that wants you to connect with the land. A big one though, not an elf or a pixie, maybe a spirit of place or a guardian of some kind.

  1. “What can Hermes do about it?”
    Card: Destruction
    More accurately, the powers of destruction, but also that destruction is part of creation as the next step when the destructive phase has passed. It’s both warning that you are in the orbit of a destructive power, and giving the idea that this could be harnessed usefully.
    There’s also advice to question all motives and choices at this time. Destruction can be avoided. Check for weak sports in action and energy.

My thoughts: I don’t feel this means ‘destroy the fae’. That’s mundane and too obvious, you didn’t need the cards to tell you you could just treat it as another parasite. It could mean the fae is bringing destruction, perhaps of old beliefs or energies that no longer serve.
It could also be talking about the current crisis and saying you have involvement, such that this fae wants to work with you on that.

I hope something in there is useful in uncovering your problem, even if it’s by a process of elimination to find out what it’s not.

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