Can anyone channel King Paimon for me please?

Im new to magic and I need someone to channel King Paimon for me because I want to know if he trying to call out to me.

I don’t know how to channel demons yet

Maybe the first time is difficult but once you pierce the veil than its easy. To pierce it you need a lot of energy Vortex: candles, incense, written words, said words, body words like movements symbols traced in the air, powders, oils, objects like athame, cup, pantacle, Wand, feather, sigils… Pierce that veil and speak with the Gods directly


Thank you

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Since I have a lot experience with spirits, my advice is to first learn how to channel spirits and then talk to him yourself. Spirits don’t really like when others talk on your behalf.


How do you channel spirits?

You actually need to connect with that spirit (or to actually feel the connection with that spirit, if that makes any sense) and just listen to what it says. Channeling is to listen to the spirit’s messages after all. So, in order to do that, you need to feel the connection between you and the spirit. At first, meditation is the way to go.

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What did King Paimon say about me?

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I think people are showing their weaknes and uncapability to them if they want someone to contact with them on their behalf. I suggest, do it yourself :hugs:


He says get to work.
Actually I dont know if he says that or not,but get the work and evoke him yourself.


Hello can channel King Paimon and ask about my question ? I have tried tarot cards but I’m not able to sense anything.